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This month, global chaos erupted during the time that Facebook and Instagram shut offline for an entire 6 hours (which is roughly the equivalent of six months in tech the land!) TikTok and Twitter applauded, their productivity skyrocketed, and social media administrators updated their feeds as if they were playing the case with an Olympic sport.visit for more info: comprarseguidoresportugal

Although it was a suitable warning about the dangers of placing all your eggs into one social media basket, this platform has inevitably come fully back in action with a roar. In the past week, they’ve released a plethora of exciting new features which are sufficient to let us forgive and forget about the entire glitch.

From a range of brand-new Instagram video features to the official guidelines on the best hashtags for Instagram, here are a few of the most important social media updates that must be in your mind.

Instagram is mixing IGTV as well as feed video into one form.


With the increasing acceptance of short-form videos, We now classify Instagram videos into two kinds: Reels and… everything else. Instagram is very aware of this since it recently revealed that they’d combine IGTV and feed video into an accessible style: Instagram Videos.

Suppose you upload a post longer than sixty seconds (the most extended length allowed for Reels). In that case, the video will automatically become an Instagram Video (which could be as long as sixty minutes.) However, you can upload your non-Reel-related videos precisely the same way by using the plus symbol on the upper-right-hand corner of Instagram and clicking the ‘post’ button, after which you can upload your video.


Instagram TV Tab


Alexandra Voica from Facebook’s communication team also revealed that you’d be able to view Instagram Videos in addition to live streams through their Instagram TV application. While the standalone app hasn’t reached the mass market, it’s useful for those looking for entertainment value (cough, distracting) in Instagram videos without being distracted by other types of content.


Instagram is introducing a brand video tab to its profiles


The updates to the video don’t stop there! Facebook’s Alexandra Voica also announced that they’d be adding a new set that includes video editor tools into the application.

This is a way to cut videos and add filters like you would in stories and Instagram posts. It also allows you to tag locations and people. This is a huge step forward in making the platform capable of competing with TikTok’s user-friendly editing tools.Note: COMPRAR SEGUIDORES INSTAGRAM


Reels from the News Feed


Instagram isn’t alone in testing the latest video features! Facebook, their parent company Facebook, is also jumping in on the fun of video bite-sized!

A few users from the US have discovered a new section called “Reels” in Facebook’s app, where you can stream videos from Instagram. However, the users who qualify can post them on Facebook and Twitter. Users using the feature will notice an alert pop-up within Instagram and prompt them to permit Facebook to suggest their Reels to their followers.

There’s also a button that you can turn on for sharing your videos on Facebook in the event of posting your video on Instagram. With 2.809 billion people using Facebook, this is a fantastic opportunity to reach a wider audience for the Reels you’ve already made. Like Instagram, it’s likely to reward those who use this feature earlier. Currently, Reels for Facebook seem to be only available in the US. However, keep on your watch for notifications since most of the world will be soon!


Instagram tests the capability to “like” stories.


Have you ever wanted to express your appreciation for the Ig account of someone else but not feel as if you’re required to have an entire conversation? There’s a solution! A reverse engineer and commentator on social media, Alessandro Paluzzi, have spotted that Ig is developing the capability to “like” stories.

The new feature will let you respond with your heart to other stories of others without having to start a DM conversation. It’s not the first time Ig has tried out this feature -it was launched for a short time to select users a few months back. But, the main distinction in this round of testing is the count of likes that will appear on stories (although only those who uploaded the story can know who liked it). Additionally, you can share stories several times.

If it’s made available for all Instagram users, We’ll be interested to see if this turns out to be an essential new engagement measure for stories!


Instagram has released new best practices to use hashtags


Ahhh, hashtags. Although they’re certainly a valuable method of gaining attention, they can also cause us to want to pull our hair! What hashtags should we include for each blog post? Should we make the same hashtags used a few times? Is it better to use hashtags within the comments or on the first post?

These are only a handful of the questions we receive regularly. There’s some good news that Instagram’s Creator’s account is now in the open to answer the most frequently asked hashtag-related questions.

A recent article revealed that the ideal number of hashtags you can use in a post is now 3-5 and that anything more than ten will not gain you any additional reach. They also recommended using a mix of popular and niche hashtags while avoiding generic or irrelevant hashtags such as #explorepage. They also suggested using hashtags with a branded tag to ensure that your audience can quickly locate your content.NOTE:

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