Why Use Iron On Name Labels for Kids’ Clothing?

Whether the thought came to you when you were doing laundry or wondering why your child needs new uniform shirts in the middle of the school year, you may have started wondering how you could add extra labels to their clothes to help them stay organized better.

An easy way to go about personalizing your children’s clothing is by using iron on name labels. It is a quick and affordable solution to some common concerns that parents have. If you think this might be the answer to your questions, we recommend looking at some of the main reasons why parents use iron on name labels and see if any of them speak to you.

Perfect for School Outings
Clothing name labels come in handy whenever your child has to get ready for some sort of outing like school field trips, after school programs, or summer camps. When your kids travel further from home, potentially with a bag of spare clothes, you want to make sure they come back with everything they brought. Even if they only had an extra T-shirt or a jacket, you want to encourage them to keep track of their things.

Keep Up With Your Little Athletes
Sporty kids tend to be the messier ones with all of their gear and clothes covered in dust, dirt, and sweat from outdoor activity. They also carry more clothes around with them for games, practice, or just casual use. Because of their involvement in team sports, you may find that it is a good idea to apply iron on name labels to their clothes as a way of keeping them organized.

Since they have to bring bags with a change of clothes out to practice or games so often, you want them to keep track of their things well. It also does not help that team uniforms are so easy to get mixed up, especially when they are balled up after playing. Iron on name labels can help your kids to keep track of their clothes whenever they go to games so they do not get switched out by mistake with someone else’s.

Easy to Apply & Long-Lasting
While some people are pretty much professional DIYers and can do just about anything they want with a hot glue gun and a dream, some of us are not so skilled. Those of us who couldn’t sew a button back onto a shirt can still get by with a few tips and tricks to make things more manageable. Certain application methods can just make things easier for you, such as iron on patches.

Adding iron on name labels to your children’s clothing can be a quick and simple process so even those with no sewing experience whatsoever can still use these efficiently. All you need is an iron and a safe, smooth surface to adhere the label to your children’s clothes. Press them onto the garments and follow instructions to get it applied as neatly as possible.

In addition to being easy to apply, iron on name labels are durable and long-lasting, so you do not have to worry about redoing them constantly. Since they are ironed onto fabric using adhesive and heat, they do not peel off like stickers would, meaning you can have them for a long while.

After coming to the conclusion that iron on name labels are an efficient solution to your concerns, you will want to find the perfect labels for your children’s clothes. We can recommend the ones available at These are really high-quality options on the market that do a great job of adhering to the clothes, plus they come in some personalized designs that your kids will enjoy seeing with their names on them.

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