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Why Should You Use a Grill Cover?

Buying a good-quality grill can be expensive, and, naturally, you will spend some time researching and finding out the best one for your needs. Since the grill is in use for only a few months during the year and that too usually on the weekends, it lies unused for most of the time exposed to the elements. Buying a cover for your valuable grill can protect it from dust, debris, garbage, rain, snow, pollen, garden chemicals, and more that make it dirty and unhygienic and cause corrosion that can shorten the appliances’ life considerably. A good grill cover can keep your barbeque grill clean and protect it from the elements and birds, insects, rodents, and other small animals. A quick look at some of the main advantages of using grill covers:

Why Use a Grill Cover?

Protection from the elements: Putting a cover on the grill ensures that your expensive equipment is safe from the elements. If you leave it outdoors for a long time, the grill suffers from continuous exposure to the sunlight which may cause its colors to fade. Additionally, exposure to rain and snow can cause the parts made of steel to corrode. Your grill can quickly become dirty and unhygienic due to the dirt, dust, and debris from trees flying around. Also, there’s a lot of garbage that can settle on your grill and make it unclean. Other stuff like tree sap, pollen, leaves, pine needles, etc., do not do your expensive grill any good. BBQ covers are also effective in protecting the barbeque from garden chemicals that may cause harm to your health.

Keeps the grill looking new: When the grill is out in the open for a long time, you can expect its good looks will get spoiled due to the dust and moisture. While you will still need to clean your grill periodically, keeping it covered ensures that the effort you have to put in is far less. It means when you want to have a good time with family and friends, you no longer have to toil over the grill to clean it first. It can be a good idea to buy a waterproof cover but you should make sure that it has vents for the vapor to escape.

Keeps out insects, birds, and animals: A grill left out in the open attracts the attention of insects, birds, and rodents in search of food and places to nest. If left unattended, the grill will soon be full of half-eaten food, twigs and leaves, and nests of the insects and birds. Your guests will not be enthused to see bird and rodent poop all over the grill. Cleaning the grill come summer is not a job for the fainthearted.


A grill over has multiple benefits. Most importantly, it keeps the grill hygienic, which you cannot ignore when preparing food for family and guests. You don’t want your food to come into contact with bird poop, dust, dirt, garbage, tree sap, pollen, chemicals, etc. According to Spruce Eats, a grill cover protects your expensive equipment and extends its life by many more years, which makes it a worthwhile buy.

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