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Why is the Epson printer not printing and how to fix it?

Epson is a famous printer brand around the world. These printer devices are very robust and provide a simple interface. The user can easily configure his Epson printer with any device and take the printouts. You can connect the printer using a cable or wirelessly. With cable, you can connect the printer to PCs and take printouts with good speed. You can use the printer wirelessly on those devices where you can’t use the cable. Epson printers also offer network connectivity. You can connect the Epson printer to your shared home network and then access it from all the connected devices. But sometimes the user can show printing errors. A printer can show printing errors due to any software or hardware issues.

Common causes behind Epson printing error:

  1. Epson printer is not connected
  2. The printer is unable to find the correct driver
  3. Epson printer files are not working
  4. Paper jamming
  5. The cartridge is not installed correctly
  6. Printhead is clogged
  7. Epson printer fuser get overheated

Resolving printing error in Epson printer

Restart your Epson printer

When the Epson printer is showing you printing errors, you should restart it. Many of the printer runtime errors get resolved by restarting the device. Go to the Epson printer and check whether the printer is On or not. When the printer is On, eject the power cable from it. Now wait for about 5-6 seconds and then reconnect the power cord on your Epson device. The printer will start and all services will start running from the beginning. If the error was appearing due to runtime issues; your printer will now start running. Send a print command to your Epson printer and now check for the error. 

Reconnect your Epson printer to the device

Epson printers can show connection errors due to connection problems. Sometimes the printer connection goes into error unexpectedly. You have to reconnect the printer to the PC for taking the printouts. For a wired connection, you can remove the cable and reconnect it. Before reconnecting, check the USB cable for any kind of damage. If the cable is damaged then replace it with a new one. Don’t use any low-speed cable on your Epson device. Use a high-speed cable for connecting the printer. When the printer is connected wirelessly; inspect the Wi-Fi connection on both devices. For a network connection, go to the router and restart it. Now check the Epson printer screen and check for the available network list. Tap on the SSID of your network and connect the printer. Now send a print job from a connected device and take your printouts easily.

Check cartridges on your printer

Epson devices can show printing issues when the cartridge is empty. Go to the printer and check the ink level on the cartridges. If the ink is about to get empty, use a new cartridge on the printer. But some users reported that the Epson printer not printing after changing ink. This error occurs when the cartridge is not installed correctly. When the user installs a clone cartridge, it may not fit correctly on the printer. These clone cartridges are cheaper but can damage the printer. You should only use the original cartridges on the Epson printer. Before installing the cartridges, always remove the plastic protective tape. People often forget to remove the plastic clips before inserting the printer. Install the printer correctly and now you can take the printouts easily.

Reinstall all cartridges

Sometimes a printing error appears when the user installs a refilled cartridge on the Epson device. Using original cartridges always can be costly. Instead of purchasing new cartridges, people often use ink refills. It is a good way to save money. But many times, the printer can’t recognize the refilled cartridges. To fix this, you have to remove all the installed cartridges on your Epson device. Now take the refilled cartridge and insert it into another slot. The slot value must change from 0 to 1. Now remove that refilled cartridge and start installing all cartridges correctly. Your Epson printer reads the refilled cartridge with other cartridges. Check the slot status of all the cartridges. Send a print job and take your printout with the Epson device easily. 

Reset your Epson printer to factory settings

Printing errors can occur when the user has changed some of the printer settings. To fix the printing error, you have to revert the recent changes to the printer settings. If you remember the changes on settings then undo them manually. But when you don’t know the inbuilt settings then use the reset option. On the Epson printer, press the Home button. Click on Setup and tap on the Restore Default Settings option. Choose the Yes button and the printer settings will get restored. You can also reset the printer manually. Turn off the Epson printer and check for the Reset button on the rear side. Press and hold the reset button and then press the Power button. The Epson printer will be reset to factory settings. Now you have to reconfigure the printer to the device or network. After reconfiguration, try to take a printout with your Epson device.

Check the Epson driver

Your printer needs software to communicate with the computer. Epson driver takes the command from the PC and transfers it to the printer. Without the driver, the Epson printer can’t understand the command or take printouts. Go to the connected device and check whether you have a required driver or not. If not, open the Epson website and search for the required driver. Install the driver on the computer and now the printer will print. If you already have a printer driver then check for its update. Go to the drivers’ folder and then click on the Epson device. Tap on the Update button and the latest update will start installing on the computer. After updating, restart the computer and now reconnect the Epson printer. Send your print command and take the printouts easily. 

Check Epson’s printhead

Printing error appears when the printhead is not working correctly. The head can get clogged due to the dried ink. You have to clean the head for smooth printing. Go to the settings and check for cleaning functions. Tap on the clean printhead and the head will start cleaning. You can also clean the printhead of the Epson device manually. After cleaning, try to take printouts with your Epson device. 


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