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Why is Google Chrome using so much RAM? How to fix it

If you have used various browsers then you might have noticed that the Google Chrome is the browser which used a lot of space and when you go to your task manager then you will see that the Chrome will be at the top of the list. 

Why Google Chrome does uses a lot of space?


Well, let us see why does Google chrome use so much memory so that the user can know about it. Every app on the computer runs processes in the RAM of your computer and RAM is the temporary storage which stores all kind of data for the users and it is very fast. Your CPU can access the data which is there in your system RAM much faster than how a hard drive or the SSD can. 

Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft edge store when every tab plug-in and extension in a separate RAM process. This process is also known as isolation and this prevents one process so that it does not write to another one. 

This is why when you open your Task manager you always see Google Chrome at the top of it and hence this is the answer for why does Chrome uses so much RAM? However, even if Chrome uses a lot of space it is not a problem. 

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