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Why Is Freight Management Software Important?

Managing last-mile deliveries has never been easier thanks to delivery dispatch software. Most importantly a top delivery management software company like Deliforce. It takes care of everything. This can be done with Deliforce courier management software which will make your last-mile delivery quick.

There are many contributing factors which adds up and involved with the last-mile delivery. These are time, cost, and complexity and there is an easy way to manage these factors all with one application.

Delivery dispatch software is designed to simplify your courier business by automating last-mile tasks

The best software solution will include delivery management features including order entry, routing, asset tracking and CRM. This software also includes the latest courier solutions like GPS vehicle tracking, internet banking integration, mobile access, integration with web and mobile device apps, as well as other unique features like prepaid and postpaid cards, SMS and email alerts, automatic billing, flexible routing options, and integration with social media networks.

Other add-ons that are commonly available in this software include mobile phone apps for tracking locations of packages, printing capabilities, and real-time shipment statuses. You can track shipments and assets with the help of online tracking features and tools like bill pay, invoice pay, customer service, and address verification.

Courier companies have two main groups of customers: those who need last-mile delivery services and those who prefer online operations. For these customers, a management system is vital to track deliveries, collect statistics, and analyze figures. This is where the software comes into play. Courier companies are realizing the benefits of fully integrating their business with the latest technologies. They are devoting considerable funds in research and development of their delivery management system. Courier companies have come up with solutions that are compatible with most of the leading software used by big companies and institutions.

Last-mile delivery solutions and Services

Courier companies that offer last-mile delivery solutions and other last-mile delivery services should make sure that their software can handle transactions for these types of deliveries. These include deliveries made within a state or country and deliveries made outside a state. If they cannot integrate their software with other types of last-mile delivery service providers, then their last mile delivery management software will be ineffective.

Courier software must be able to integrate with the latest forms of software used by larger companies and institutions that provide last-mile delivery services. The software must be able to handle transactions for all types of deliveries made using a courier management system.

Courier companies have introduced real-time shipment information to their systems

Real-time information means that your packages get delivered as they get received, without the delay usually caused by mail. Real-time information enables the courier management software to determine the exact time when packages should be picked up and when they should be delivered. If the driver picks up a package on a particular day but the parcel is delivered on a different day altogether, then the real-time information will flag the same. This saves the customer considerable time as well as money spent on fuel for the courier.

Many companies use logistics software to track their revenues

Logistics management software integrates with revenue tracking systems such as KPI. LMS can give companies an indication of how their revenues are faring against their marketing efforts.  Most companies realize that a major obstacle to growing their business is the time it takes to get products to market. Real-time tracking of shipments helps reduce this time. The increased efficiency achieved through logistics management software also results in more sales.

Another way that a logistics management software solution improves a delivery company’s bottom line is that it reduces the number of dropped shipments.

When a delivery is lost – There is typically damages to the merchandise along with the cost of the shipping service involved. In a real-time solution, the delivery status of packages is updated as soon as they are received by the shipper.  So that the necessary repairs or replacement can take place as soon as possible. Also, customers who receive damaged goods can request for replacements or refunds.


A delivery dispatch software solution is a cost-effective solution that helps a delivery service to stay on top of its delivery activities. Freight management systems help track deliveries and forecast revenues. The software solution includes built-in reporting tools that streamline management of inventory levels and costs. Other key features include shipping rates, surcharges, and many other operational functions. These are just a few of the ways a parcel delivery dispatch software system can help an organization.

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