Why is Engineered Wood Flooring Popular among Homeowners?

We all want our home interiors to be welcoming and aesthetically appealing and the flooring we chose plays a crucial role in creating our styles. Increasingly engineered wood flooring has been gaining popularity among homeowners as it provides all the design benefits of solid wood but at a fraction of the cost.

What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring 

Engineered hardwood flooring has a top layer of solid wood which is often oak but can also be other types of wood such as maple or walnut and this is what lends the natural appearance and feel to the flooring.

This layer is set on top of a composite core constructed of multiple layers of plywood, adding stability and durability to the flooring.

There are many reasons why engineered wood flooring has become so popular for new builds and renovations, here are a few;

Wide variety and choice

Just like solid hardwood flooring, engineered planks are also available with a wide range of options to choose from. The wood for the top layer and colours are two of the main design features to consider. Also you can get an array of finishes, such as lacquered or oiled, select, rustic or distressed.

Engineered wood Flooring

Plus the ranges of choice include herringbone and other styles of flooring, enabling you to be as creative as you like with the space you have.

Cost effective option 

The best thing about engineered wood flooring is that it is budget friendly. Its look and feel is exactly the same as a solid hardwood floor but, due to its composite construction, it is a lot more affordable. This can be particularly important when considering larger projects where finances may be more stretched. 

It looks like real wood 

Well, it would look like real wood because the top layer IS real wood! There is no visual or textural difference to solid wood flooring and therefore you have the same aesthetic appeal.

It doesn’t warp or swell 

One of the challenges with solid wood is that it can expand and contract with fluctuations in humidity and temperature, which, in extremes, can cause warping or swelling of the timber.

The engineered floorboards have a strong and stable construction so that they are much less likely to be not impacted by moisture and temperature changes than the solid wood. This is why it can be used in areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

However, bear in mind that not all flooring will be of the same quality and make sure you pick one with a strong, think composition and wear layer if you intend to use it in areas that maybe more vulnerable to environmental changes or water spillages, such as kitchens.

It can be sanded & refinished

During its lifetime, the engineered floor can be sanded a number times depending on the thickness of the top wood layer. After sanding, refinishing can be done for protection. This can give a new lease of life to your flooring.

It’s durable

Because of the multiple layers of plywood bonded together in engineered floorboards, they are extremely durable. Therefore, this type of flooring is ideal for high traffic areas as it is stable and robust.

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