Why do we need to take the CUET exam?


Exam for Admission to a Common University Exams for admission to Central University undergraduate programmes are administered by the CUET (UG). Students who want to attend any of the country’s Central Universities (CUs) would be able to do so via a single application. There will be a 13-language exam. To guarantee that children from all across the nation, regardless of where they live, would be treated equally in the classroom. From the next session on, the CUET may be administered twice a year.

Students and their parents both find the admissions process stressful and frequently tough. Every institution has its own set of entrance requirements, and mock test for CUET is no exception.

How successful is the Common Entrance programme? Is preparatory education too obsessed on CUET? Despite the fact that some of these worries are genuine, it is crucial to concentrate on the positive aspects of this technology.

Although Common Entrance is significant since it provides an exposure to externally assessed examinations, an advantage when GCSEs, AS levels, and A levels are in sight. Stress from tests is something that will be with a student throughout their whole educational career, from elementary school all the way through college! In other words, the Common University Entrance Test is a chance for students to put their study, revision, and test-taking skills to the test. A student’s ability to participate in extracurricular activities as well as academics is enhanced when these areas of education are addressed early in their schooling.

If the appropriate tactics are taught and moulded throughout the preparation and CUET process, it will yield benefits for the rest of one’s life. Skills such as stress management and the capacity to maintain a healthy balance between one’s professional and personal life are essential to one’s well-being. Students who get private tutoring may cultivate these traits, and CUET offers a secure, but challenging, setting in which to practise and establish a method for coping with tests.

When we already have a system in place, why do we need CUET?

All pupils are not afforded equal opportunities under the existing system. Each school district has its own system for evaluating students and assigning grades. It is unfair to students from other boards since some boards have an outrageous cut-off (100 percent cut-off in many institutions) for admission, which is impossible and therefore unjust. Everyone at CUET mock test must compete on an equal footing when it comes to exams and evaluations.

If you don’t need a board score, why don’t you simply get rid of the 12th exam?

Board examinations will continue to be used by institutions as a means of determining eligibility. There is no doubt that board examinations will not be useless.Since certain colleges may set the bar at 60%, while others may opt to put it at 70%. In addition, the CUET score is required exclusively at the central university. It is possible that private and state boards. May continue to impose a 12th-grade grade point average as a cutoff for admittance.

Students who are unable to continue their education after the 12th grade will be able to show their credentials on their 12th grade board score card and certificate.

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