Whole set of Jewelry for Indian Bride on her wedding

Probably, no one can remain indifferent to the luxurious jewelry of Indian brides. Despite their large size, they are appropriate and luxurious. In this article, we describe some types of such jewelry.

The standard traditional Indian jewelry art, of course, has its own signs and rules. Firstly, Indian jewelry does not exist on its own, but necessarily as part of the national costume – for example, precious belts or turban brooches. Secondly, in Indian jewelry there is always a symmetrical composition: the right side of the jewelry to a certain extent repeats its left side. Thirdly, Indian jewelry is always redundant and full of various details.

It should also be noted that Indian jewelry art is in great and constant demand among jewelers in Europe and the USA.

Probably, each of us could not help but pay attention to the luxurious jewelry of Indian brides. Despite their large size, they do not look ridiculous, rather luxurious. In this article, we describe some types of such jewelry.

Jewelry is an indispensable attribute of an Indian bride’s attire. The outfit is considered incomplete if all the necessary accessories and jewelry are not worn. In most cases, these will be pieces of yellow gold, but, depending on the financial means of the family, it can also be jewelry made of silver, platinum, white gold and diamonds. Also very popular are such natural stones as ruby, jade, garnet, emerald, amethyst and natural pearls. While traditions may vary slightly from region to region, there are basically some canons that every bride in India follows.

Types of Indian wedding decorations

  • Shringar Patti is a type of tiara, usually made of gold, which is worn on the bride’s head along the hairline, the element of such a tiara is a vertical plate that lies in the center of the forehead.
  • Maang Tikka – a more concise version of shrigaar patti or gold bindi jewelry design, is a strip of metal, at one end of which is attached a decorative element that adorns the forehead of the bride.
  • A set of necklace and earrings is an essential element of the bride’s attire, a heavy massive necklace and matching earrings. As it is correct, they are selected according to the color of the clothes.
  • Bichua – a toe ring, an important element of the bride’s attire, in many Indian states this is a silver ring. It is also a symbol of marriage; married women wear only paired rings.
  • Mangal Sutra – a necklace with black beads, a symbol of marriage, is worn by the groom around the bride’s neck during the ceremony. This necklace must contain black beads, often has a gold or diamond pendant.
  • Payal – a bracelet on the leg, also a necessary decoration for a wedding, usually made of silver
  • Khatful (Bangles with rings) is a luxurious jewelry that connects the wrist and fingers of the bride.
  • Kamarband – waist belt. This decoration is now optional, but still popular, its main function, like any belt, is to support the bride’s outfit.
  • Baajuband – traditional bajuband is a bracelet on the forearm is not a mandatory element.

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