Which Candela and Palomar Device is Ideal Option for Laser Hair Removal?

Many people want to get rid of unwanted hair in common areas of concern, such as upper lip, armpits, bikini line, chin, and legs. Shaving and waxing are two commonly used options for hair removal but many find that hair seems to grow back faster and repetitive grooming can be tedious.

The laser hair removal concept is an effective, long-term solution for unwanted hair. It is a non-invasive and painless procedure to help eliminate unwanted hair and reduce new growth. You can gain superior results with some popular devices from Candela and Palomar. These are typically used in laser hair removal and a wide range of skin rejuvenation applications.

Best Candela Laser Devices

There are three types of Candela laser machines equipped with unique features to ensure patient comfort and safety at all levels. A dynamic cooling device consists of adjustable epidermal protection technology, which sprays cryogen on the skin, cools the upper layers, and maximizes patients’ comfort.

  • Candela GentleLASE Plus

This is Candela’s original hair removal laser, operating effectively to help patients get rid of unwanted hair permanently. In addition, 755 nm Alexandrite laser can also help treat vascular lesions, skin pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. It comes equipped with finer hand pieces, sliders and distance gauges, and necessary accessories for superb performance and results.

  • Candela GentleMAX Pro

It is an all-in-one aesthetic treatment device that combines comprehensive treatment coverage of both Alexandrite laser and 1064nm YAG laser. It offers non-invasive treatment to all skin types and treats various skin conditions, such as hair removal, age spots, sun-damaged skin, pigmented lesions, skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction.

It can treat up to 2Hz with 20/22/24mm spot size, which allows a professional to perform full-body treatment quicker than ever. This device makes perfect sense for clinics looking to provide efficient treatment to minimize treatment times and increase treatment turnover rates.

  • Candela GentleYAG Pro

This laser device is known for its ultimate versatility. It can treat patients year-round with an array of skin types. It is beneficial for treating skin with darker pigmentation due to its deep penetration capability with a reduced scattering of laser energy.

These three Candela devices are generally appreciated and valued as the benchmark in the beauty and aesthetics industry. You can easily get used Candela laser devices to serve a more satisfying client experience.

Best Palomar Laser Devices

  • Palomar ICON Laser

This device is effective and proven safe to use on all areas of the body, whether a patient wishes to treat delicate skin or looking to remove back or leg hair. If you’ve heard patients with sensitive skin or dark pigmentation experiencing discoloration, that is not the case with Palomar Icon. The machine can be adjusted according to melanin density, making it a feasible choice for patients of all skin tones.

  • Palomar Vectus Laser

Vectus laser is a smart choice for fast hair removal, providing high-volume permanent hair reduction for a variety of skin and hair types. Cynosure’s Vectus technology gives large spot sizes to treat big surface areas such as full legs in minimal time. Uniform laser beam reduces hot spots, advanced contact cooling enhances patient comfort, photon recycling maximizes treatment results, and Skintel Melanin Reader ensures safe and effective treatment settings.

  • Palomar StarLux 300 Laser

It is a compact and flexible system used to perform many procedures and laser treatments, including skin rejuvenation and hair removal. It is proven to offer the best performance using innovative smooth pulse technology that prevents epidermal temperature spikes and ensures a comfortable experience.

It comes with various handpieces that can perform a range of procedures and laser treatments. It is ideal for pigmented lesion treatment, vascular lesion, permanent hair reduction, fractional skin tightening, ablative skin resurfacing, and more.


Unwanted hair growth is a big concern and it is vital to find an ideal laser hair removal device that gives the best, long-term results. These products of Candela and Palomar laser works on all skin types and equip the latest technology to ensure hair removal is fast, smooth, and painless.

The number of laser hair removal treatment sessions depends upon your skin type, coarseness of hair, hair coloring, depth of hair follicle, and size of the area required to be treated.

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