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Best Whatsapp Call Recorder for Android Devices 2021

Whatsapp is considered the most vital source of communication among the individuals for last few years. It has come to the canvas with the incorporation of digital networks and the internet.

The use of the internet and digital networks has turned around the dynamics of communication. Individuals now connect through social networks and other communication mediums so that they can connect with their target individuals conveniently and seamlessly.

The top of the list of digital communication channels is occupied by Whatsapp. It is reported that there are more than 3 billion smartphones that exist over the planet. More than 90% of smartphones always have Whatsapp. This provides a bit of understanding about how useful Whatsapp is.

It is noted that there are a few threats and dangers also which are posed by the use of Whatsapp. More of these threats are caused to kids and businesses at large.

A report suggests that kids using Whatsapp on their phones are pretty much on the verge of getting impacted and influenced by the activities of cyberbullying, harassment, cyber predating, and sex offending.

The kids are contacted by cybercriminals through Whatsapp easily. The trace of this problem is in Whatsapp groups that are created by the kids to contact and network with their friends.

Whatsapp Monitoring

If a criminal gets away into any of such groups, the whole confidentiality and secrecy of the kids’ life can be compromised. Narrowing down this trend, it is noted that Whatsapp calls are the most pressing threat to the kids because these calls can be used to harass and threaten the kids and teens into exposing the financial details of their parents.

Moreover, the Whatsapp groups are home to having inappropriate and immoral content that seriously erodes the moral standing of the child all the way.

Besides this, if we talk about the corporate side of the story, it is noted that a few employees have bad intentions towards the businesses and their employers. They try to share deep side business secrets with the unconcerned and irrelevant individuals for gaining small monetary benefits and to cause damage to the businesses.

So, the damage to the business can also be caused by using chat and multimedia sharing option of the messenger, because a number of confidential documents can be shared through images and videos sharing option of Whatsapp.

So, talking about all these threats and harms to the businesses and kids in this digital environment, the best solution that is proposed by the experts is the use of Whatsapp spy app, and especially the experts suggested the use of Whatsapp call recorder, which can address the major threats to the concerning parties.

There are a number of Whatsapp monitoring applications and Whatsapp call recorder applications that are available to the parents and employers in the online marketplace, but many of them offer no real deal to its users.

The best Whatsapp call recorder that can monitor each and every bit of communication happening through Whatsapp calls is TheOneSpy. The spy app can be installed on android devices to record Whatsapp activities, subject to the purchase of a relevant license.

The key features and their work is as follows.

Whatsapp call recording

The end-user can access the online web portal of the spy app to view the log of all the Whatsapp calls for android devices. The call recordings can be saved alongside the name of the caller.

These calls can also be listened to in real-time without any hassle. In this way, the parents will be able to know about all the communication of the kids with criminals, if they try to harass them in any way.

In the same manner, the calls made or received by the employee can also be listened to and recorded for getting a fair view of the activities of the target employee, thus ensuring the ultimate safety of the business secrets.

Whatsapp chat monitoring

The chats of the Whatsapp messenger can also be monitored in real-time. The end-user can view and read all the chats of messenger to know about the real dynamics of communication.


The best Whatsapp call recorder for android devices nowadays is TheOneSpy. The key features and their work is discussed.

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