What to Consider When Giving Gift Cards to Engaged Couples

Gifts are a token of love, well wishes, and appreciation. Sometimes, they are mere courtesies and formalities. Gifting is equally strange, stressful, and comical. There are small, meaningful gifts from the heart and colossal gifts meant to instigate a game of oneupmanship. If you’re someone who prefers the inconspicuous route and favours practicality over appearances, you can strike out all your engagement gift ideas and roll with this one: a gift card. Here are some things to factor in when presenting a gift card.

#1 The Packaging

Some gift cards come prepackaged from the online or offline store. If the packing is unsatisfactory or impersonal, you can rectify it with an envelope and a greeting card. Choose appropriately sized stationery to avoid creasing, dog-earing, and folding. Present gift cards just like you would cash: fresh and crisp, not soggy, worn, faded, and crinkled. Address the envelope to the intended recipients because lightweight gifts can easily get misplaced. Write a note and encourage them to use the gift vouchers for their needs.

#2 Your Relationship with the Couple

Gift cards are universally appropriate gifts, but how much they are worth should depend on your relationship with the receivers. If you are a close friend, godparent, or relative, enclosing a card with a substantial amount would not be amiss. However, if you have an ongoing professional relationship (student-teacher, colleagues, HOD-employee), extravagant personal gifts are unadvised because they create a sense of obligation and arouse suspicion and discomfort. A loaded gift card is appropriate if multiple colleagues pool in.

#3 How Much You Can Give

If you are a dear friend or a beloved aunt, you’ll undoubtedly want to give the couple a decent gift. Before you order your gift card, review your living situation and expenses. This will help you determine whether you can get a card worth $10, $100, or $1,000. It would be imprudent to modify the amount based on inklings of what others might give. As long as the gift is heartfelt and useful, there is no need to compete with the rest of the guest list.

#4 Where the Couple Can Redeem the Card

Open-loop gift cards function similarly to bank cards. You can redeem them at any store across Australia. Closed-loop cards are store-specific, which means you can only use them on select websites or outlets like Amazon, Starbucks, or Woolworths. When in doubt about the couple’s brand preferences and shopping habits, opt for an open-loop card.

#5 Safety

Wedding prep follows the engagement, and this is a hectic period involving tons of shopping. Gift cards are excellent engagement gift ideas because they mitigate the use of cash and bank cards. The last thing an engaged couple wants is to deal with financial fraud and data breaches after swiping their cards at shady shops. As for you, you don’t want an unscrupulous website stealing your money and your financial information to boot. Always purchase gift cards from trusted websites with secure payment gateways. Professional layout, genuine reviews, straightforward language, and adequate information are the hallmarks of good sites.

#6 Your Convenience

Shopping is not easy for people who live remotely or are elderly and/or disabled. Travelling to a store only to realise they don’t sell what you hoped to buy or getting duped by online sellers are unpleasant experiences. You can prepare a gift card from the comfort of your home. What’s incredible is that some gift cards are completely digital. So, even if you can’t make it to the engagement party, you can still send a thoughtful gift to the partners. If the gift card is printable, it is lightweight and convenient to carry along.

Final Thoughts

Gifts should make both the giver and the receiver happy. There’s no point in giving a gift you will regret, or the couple will dislike. With the above tips, you can decide the appropriate value of your gift card for the upcoming engagement.

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