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What is the best economy class seat?

Economy class travel with Qatar airways UK are very diversified in terms of travel facilities offered for the passengers. Not only travellers can choose from a wide range of seat categories offered within the economy class but also add extra facilities to their travel experience for an additional cost. All of that and much more, within the economy class travel of Qatar Airways. That’s why the airline bags the award for having the best economy class air travel services among all the carriers of the world.

Here’s a brief description of the best economy class seats with Qatar Airways.

Types of seats.

There are three types of economy-class seats that you can buy with Qatar Airways. Namely;

1.   Economy classic.

As a standardized seat option on Qatar Airways flights, economy classic seats are offered automatically for you when you book your flight with the airline. It is basic according to the nature of the services offered.

  • The seat pitch is 31 inches to 32 inches; neither too small nor too large. Therefore, ensure a comfortable sitting position but not enough space to stretch out for taller travelers.
  • The additional benefits available include;
    • Adjustable headrests.
    • Seat cushions.
  • Every seat features a personal entertainment system also known as ‘Oryx One. Offering;
    • Wide selection of movies, TV shows, audiobooks, games, music, and a dedicated kids’ entertainment corner.
    • USB ports.
    • Power outlets.
    • Flight information.
  • Complimentary food and drinks are offered for the passengers of long-haul flights. Such as;
    • Hot and cold drinks options.
    • Meals of local and international cuisines.
    • Special meals for people with dietary restrictions (upon request).
  • Online check-in is available.
  • Seat selection can be done by the passenger but after paying an additional fee.

2.   Economy convenience.

Economy convenience is the type of economy class seats with Qatar Airways that have upgraded benefits as compared to economy classic seats but less than the ones offered for economy comfort seats. Nonetheless, ensure a peaceful and relaxing experience on board as it comes with all the upgraded forms of facilities offered in the economy class.

3.   Economy comfort.

Economy comfort seats are the premium ones within the economy class of Qatar Airways. The additional benefits these seats offer for the passengers prominently include;

  • Extra legroom space as the seat pitch extends up to 35 inches.
  • A lot of additional complimentary amenities by the airline. Such as earplugs, socks, eye masks, bedding, toiletries, skincare essentials, and other things of the sort.
  • Noise-cancellation headphones for your entertainment screens to further enhance the onboard entertainment with an immersive and undisrupted experience.
  • Priority check-in and boarding are offered by the dedicated airport counters of the airline.
  • Seat selection is offered free of cost.

Categories of seats.

1.   Preferred seats.

  • The preferred Seating area is often located towards the front of the Economy Class cabins of Qatar Airways.
  • These seats are available with an additional fee for economy classic and economy convenience passengers.
  • Economy Comfort passengers can avail of these seats without any fee.

2.   Extra legroom seats.

  • As the name suggests, extra Legroom seats offer more legroom for the passengers to relax and stretch out during the course of their flight.
  • Usually, these seats are located in the exit rows of the aircraft.
  • Ideal for families traveling together.

3.   Business reserve seats.

If you want to reserve the seat adjacent to your booked seat, the Business reserve offers the option for you. Therefore, giving you more personal space to relax or store your items easily.


So, with Qatar airways Tickets these are the best Qatar Business Class seat options that you get with the Airline.

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