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What is Newton Sub-Giga Technology

Newton Sub-Giga is one of the fastest ESL choices designed for commercial use on a big scale. It has a 1-second LED blinking reaction time, which helps with pick-by-light assembly. Furthermore, Newton Sub-completely Giga’s graphic black and white e-paper technology allows for ultra-fast update and display times.

Industrial applications rely on automation, feasibility and simplicity – properties that ensure increased productivity. Designed to be extra efficient and reliable in an industrial environment, our Newton Sub-Giga line-up ensures high modularity and adaptability

Technical Specifications

Built specially for the industrial environment, the 4.3” LED Picking is an ESL with Sub-Giga operating frequency, allowing for fast and continuous data transmission and low power consumption. With three programmable buttons, 5-year battery life, and multi-color LED, this label enables smarter manufacturing and distribution processes.

Newton Sub-Giga 4.3″ LED Picking

Unlike other Sub-Giga models, Newton Sub-Giga 4.3″ LED Picking ESL has 3 buttons. The third button is built with an LED system that blinks 7 colors: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta, and white, making this model the best ESL for the pick-by-light type of operations in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. It is operated by the Newton System, giving it a fast communication speed that makes real-time updates possible, reducing the risks of workflow delays in large-scale commercial spaces.

Reducing Waste

In addition to reducing energy consumption, the flexible pricing enabled by solum newton lite enables retailers to strategically price perishable items throughout the day, encouraging customers to buy them before they spoil, said Milner. This freedom allows retailers to graduate pricing based on sales velocity and inventory levels. According to insight from Planet Retail, 65% of consumers would welcome such price changes throughout the day if a product is approaching its sell-by date.


This innovative system is growing in popularity and is known and proven to improve the efficiency of the picking process, and thus result in greater productivity. The system is easy to use and implement but will require the use of a centralized software that is integrated into the Warehouse Management System. The system then connects to an indicator light installed on the shelves or racks, or to the digital display and indicator LED of various Electronic Shelf Label configurations.


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