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What is Amazon Transparency?

In 2017, Amazon began a slow rollout for its Transparency program to address growing consumer and company complaints about Amazon’s increased sales of counterfeit products.

Amazon Marketplace has a growing number of small business clients due to its huge reach, excellent logistics systems, and large fulfillment centers. 

It allows third parties to legally offer trademarked products by other manufacturers on the site. This is a route that many small businesses use to start and grow their business.

This is causing a rise in the number of fraudulent sellers selling counterfeit products on Amazon and other e-commerce websites.

Amazon hopes that the Transparency program will aid both sellers and customers in this area. 

Transparency and other programs Amazon is implementing have the goal to prevent counterfeit sales. This program also reassures Amazon customers that they won’t be buying counterfeit products.

What is Amazon Transparency?

Amazon Transparency program allows you to track and verify products, as well as make sure that no fake products are shipped out of or into warehouses. Since the beginning of the program, It has slowly been enrolling brands.

Amazon will provide unique barcodes and Transparency codes to your company if you enroll in the Transparency Program. Amazon monitors the codes and will launch an investigation if it receives a shipment without Transparency codes.

The seller may lose its selling privileges if it discovers that the third-party seller violates its anti-counterfeiting policies. They may also lose their selling privileges and have their funds frozen. There are also possible legal consequences.

Transparency codes should always be visible on the packaging’s front so that they can be easily scanned. In that order, the preferred locations are the top, back, side and bottom. When products arrive at the warehouses, the company scans them and then again before shipping to customers.

You can find more information about the Transparency Program at the SellerApp Amazon Transparency Program blog.

How can you sign up for Transparency?

Register as a manufacturer to sign up for Transparency by Amazon. You must register for the program:

  • You can be verified as the brand owner of your products
  • Barcode required for all products.
  • You can apply Transparency codes to every unit that you produce.

Once you are approved, then you can request unique barcodes, your Transparency codes, for your products.  Each item is unique with the Transparency codes. 

After you have received your codes from Amazon you can order preprinted labels with your Transparency codes. You can also order product labels that have the Transparency Codes printed directly on them.

Transparency is available in the United States of America, Canada, Germany, and France. It is also available in Spain, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. 

Amazon hopes to expand its reach and grow its presence on other e-commerce platforms.

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