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What are the steps to reset Epson Printer to Factory Settings

Epson printers are good devices for your business or home. You can find a reliable printer that can provide high-quality printouts with good speed. You can easily set your printer with PCs, phone and other devices. Now, the user also connects the Epson directly with the camera by using a bridge tool. You can configure the printer for connecting to different devices. The printer remembers all the settings so the user can reconnect the printer quickly. But when you are selling the printer or you are facing any Epson Printer Communication Error then you can reset it. After resettings, all the configuration will get restored to default. You can reset Epson printers to factory settings using various methods.

Use the Epson printer Reset button

The most common method for resetting the Epson device is using the reset button. Check your printer and you will find the printer reset button on the backside. Use this method before selling the printer. 

  1. Switch off the Epson printer
  2. You have to use a pin for pressing and holding the reset button
  3. While holding it, press the power button
  4. Release the reset button of the Epson printer and a warning page will get printed

After a few seconds, your Epson device will get reset and print a page with the default IP address. Check the printout for the IP address of the printer and you can use it for reconfiguring Epson with the computer.

Reset Epson with Printer Control Panel

If you can’t find the reset button then you can also reset the printer using its control panel. While taking a printout with the Epson printer; you get into an error code then try resetting the printer. 

  1. Check the printer connection and then go to Control Panel
  2. Tap on the Home button
  3. Now hit the navigation button and click on Setup
  4. Go to the Restore Default Settings option
  5. Choose the OK button
  6. Use arrow keys and click on Restore Network Settings 

Tap the OK button and then restart the device. Your Epson settings are reset to default. Again, open the PC and go to the document. Give the print command to your Epson device and check for the error.

Epson Adjustment Program

When the Epson printer gets into error and crashes then it’s possible that some of the touch buttons can stop working. If you can’t reset the Epson printer using the buttons then try running the Epson adjustment program. This is a type of repair tool provided by Epson. Using this software users can make changes on Epson printers. Go to your computer and check the available devices. Your computer must be connected to the Epson printer. Open the web and go to the Epson website. Download the latest Epson adjustment program set up on the computer. Install the adjustment program and then open it on your system. Now go to the necessary selections option

  1. Tap on the Select Menu and click the model number and port of your printer
  2. Tap on the Yes button

You will see the adjustment and maintenance page on your screen. Select the waste ink pad option. Go to the main ink pad counter page and hit on the initialize option. Hit the Finish button for resetting the printer. Now, reset the Epson device and your printer gets reset. 

After resetting the printer user can reconnect the Epson with his commanding devices. You can use the USB cable or Wi-Fi for connecting the printer with the computer and then check the available devices. If the driver is outdated; update the Epson driver and then take a test print.

For checking the Epson network resetting; try to connect with your router. The user has to reconfigure all the settings. After successful connection on the network; you can take the printouts. Users can also contact the Epson team for queries.


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