What are the best colour shades for hair?

Hair colouring is one of the best ways to give yourself a new look and start afresh. Whether it’s a party or a regular day, you can slay any look with your newly painted hair. There are a variety of colour shades for hair like red, brown, jet-black, etc. But knowing and selecting the best colour for you can be quite difficult. For instance, you may like the bright red shade but it may not look good with you. In such situations, you can select a shade of red that suits your skin tone. You can go with deep red rather than going for a bright one. 

There are many shades available under one hair colour. You can see which shade goes with your skin tone. For instance, if you have green-coloured veins, then you must go for a warm shade like brown. Similarly, if you have blue-coloured veins, then you can go with cool shades like red, burgundy, purple, etc. Hair shades add life and vibrancy to your hair while making them look voluminous and gorgeous. 

Today we will discuss the best brunette hair shades that are a must-try this season. So, let us have a look at them! 

Top Colour Shades for Hair – Brown Hair Colours 

Brown is an ordinary shade still it is in trend. It gives your hair a natural and subtle look. It also adds depth and dimension to your hair. There are many shades included in brown hair shades. Ranging from honey to mahogany, all shades of brown are truly gorgeous! Below are the best brown shades that will look best on anyone. Have a look!  

1. Golden Brown Shade 

Golden brown hair shade is a warm colour that symbolizes friendship. This shade looks amazing on people with peachy or golden skin tone. Also, this shade will suit you if you have green or hazel coloured eyes. This hair colour will look good with medium and long hair while enhancing the complexion of your skin. Consider Emma Watson and Jennifer Lopez – they carry this colour effortlessly. This shade is a must-try!  

2. Honey Brown Shade  

Honey brown shade gives a neutral look to your tresses and adds warmth to them. It gives a tawny hue to your locks and creates a perfect balance between light brown hair and dark blonde hair. This shade is best suited with a fair complexion and light eyes. Also, it looks great on deeper, golden complexions. Many celebrities have gone for subtle highlights with this shade and they look gorgeous. Try out this shade sometime! 

3. Light Caramel Hair Shade 

If your complexion is cool, you mustn’t go for this shade. Caramel is one shade that never goes out of style. It looks good on all complexions while giving you an overall gorgeous look. With this shade, you can go for balayage or Ombre highlights. Also, for the base colour you can select a dark chocolate shade. This look of yours with this amazing hair shade is bound to turn heads wherever you go! 

4. Cocoa Hair Shade

Light Cocoa hair colour suits best with people having fair skin. It is a pale, pearly brown shade that goes well with blue/ green eyes as well! It is a naturally balanced shade that isn’t too ashy or too dark. With this shade, you can add a creamy blonde shade to your hair to add vibrancy to it. It is a great hair colour choice if your natural hair colour is light or medium cool brown. This shade is also a must-try! 

5. Golden Bronze Shade 

Looking for a rich and luxurious colour? Well, we got you covered! Golden bronze hair shade is a warm shade that has a subtle blend of golden and red tones. This shade looks great on warm skin tones. If you have a cool skin tone, you can go for some other shade as this shade will look orange and will make your overall appearance look washed out. 

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6. Sandy Brown Hair Shade 

As the name suggests, the sandy brown hair shade is a light and neutral beige shade. It just looks like sand! This hair shade is best for people with cool complexions and undertones. You can go for highlights with this shade. This combination of black with blonde will look sophisticated and elegant. This New Year, try out this amazing hair shade. 

7. Dark Chocolate Hair Shade

Sounds delicious? Dark chocolate hair colour is a rich, deep, and cool brown shade that suits warm skin tones. This is the signature hair shade of actress Eva Longoria. This shade suits best with olive skin tones and the brown eye shade is enhanced through this shade. This shade evokes a sense of luxury when applied to hair. Thus, for all the rich feels, you must go for this shade at least once! 

8. Light Ash Brown Shade 

Another cool and sophisticated colour comes your way! This hair colour is best for a fair complexion. If you have naturally red or brown hair shade, then you can go with light brown ash highlights. This will give an elegant look to your tresses and will make your overall appearance gorgeous. If you have medium or long hair, then this hair shade will definitely look good. 

9. Sun-Kissed Brown Hair Shade

Sun-kissed brown hair will look as if the sun has lightened your hair colour and has highlighted it in specific areas so that it looks good. This is a vacation hair shade and adds a natural look to your tresses. Sun-kissed highlights can be done in any shade of brown hair. This shade gives a beautiful and flattering look to your hair. Try this shade on medium or long hair and style them in waves or curls. Your hair will look amazing. 

10. Dark Brown Copper Shade

Wish to have a burnished brunette shade? Well, we have one shade for you. The dark brown copper hair shade is a warm shade that gives a rich look to your tresses. This shade looks best with peach or pink skin tones. Also, if you have neutral brown hair, this shade will look good on you. 

11. Cinnamon Brown Shade 

Another rich brown hair with a touch of copper! Cinnamon brown shade looks beautiful on all skin complexions and brown/ hazel eyes. The shade breathes life into your hair and makes them look beautiful. This shade will provide you with an overall gorgeous look that will turn everyone’s heads in awe. Try this natural yet trendy shade now!  

So, these are some of the best colour shades for hair. Hair colours add depth and dimension to your hair and make them look subtle and natural. As far as hair dyeing is concerned, it is best to go for natural hair dyes. Try any of the shades mentioned above and start afresh this New Year.

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