What are Terpenes and How Do You Use them?

Terpenes are the aromatic oils that get secreted by the resin glands of cannabis plants. Organic terpenes are found in the cannabis plant, but they are also found in many other things in nature such as flowers and herbs. The aromatic molecules in these give plants their trademark scents and smell.

Organic and Non-Organic

Plants naturally produce terpenes but that is not the only way they get created. They are also made in laboratories and these are the non-organic versions. They are usually used as flavorings in food. If you have ever used essential oils, then the aromatherapy action in these oils is because of the terpenes in them.

What do They do?

They give plants their signature scent and smell. When the lavender plant blooms, the astounding scent it produces is because of these. However, it is not just the nose that they affect. They have several health benefits and consumers enjoy the soothing effects they have on the mind.

How to Use Them?

The good news about organic terpenes is that there are several ways to experience them.

Light Up

The most common way users ingest them is to light up and inhale. It is a good way of enjoying the signature aroma of the particular strain one is using. However, it should be noted that letting it go beyond a certain temperature will burn it and cause a bad odor. This can ruin the whole experience. That is why the next way of experiencing them is better.


Vaporizing or ‘’vaping’’ as it is more popularly known gives consumers the opportunity for heat control. Vaporizers today can be set to a particular temperature which is a good way of getting the most of the product.

Oral Consumption

Many manufacturers have brought out products that can be consumed orally. They are in the form of tablets or cute-looking solid eatables. Drops are another form of organic terpenes that can be consumed orally.


They are also available in spray bottles. All you have to do is spray and the effects of the aroma will be witnessed in a few moments. It means that more than one user can enjoy them together.

Choosing the right manufacturer and supplier to buy your products from is the easiest way to ensure the quality. Non-GMO and organic ones that have good user reviews mean that the product you are getting is excellent.


What do terpenes do for the body?

There is compelling evidence that terpenes, particularly linalool and limonene, have direct physiological effects on the body. This means that strains high in linalool are likely to be calming and provide pain relief, whereas strains high in limonene are likely to be mood-elevating.

What do terpenes smell like?

Terpenes are aromatic molecules that are secreted by flowers and buds’ tiny resin glands. They give some strains a citrusy aroma, while others smell and taste like lavender or even cheese.

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