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What are common printer errors and how to resolve them?

Technology is getting more and more advanced. Now people have become highly dependent on gadgets. One of the useful gadgets for business and home users is the printer. You need a printer for making hard copies of notes, documents, files, etc. Now you can also take printouts of high-quality photographs using the inkjet printer. But like every hardware device, you can see lots of errors with the printer. Most errors appear on runtime and get resolved easily. 

Troubleshooting common printer errors

Printer connection error

Almost every user faces connection errors with his printer. Connecting the printer using a USB cable is simple. Errors mainly appear when the user tries to connect the printer wirelessly. When the error is occurring on a wired connection, check the cable. Remove the printer cable and check the ends for any damage. If the cable has any kinks then replace it. Don’t try to use cable or other devices to connect the printer. On the printer, use only a high-speed cable. The error can occur when the cable is connected to a loose USB slot. Use another slot to connect the printer and now check for the error. In the wireless connection, inspect the Wi-Fi connectivity on both systems. Update the Wi-Fi driver on the system and then create the connection. Restart the printer and press the Wi-Fi button. Your printer will start searching the available network; the Wi-Fi lamp will start flashing. Check the printer screen and choose the required network. Once the printer is connected; the Wi-Fi lamp will stop blinking. After connection, send a job to your printer and take the printouts.

The printer is not responding

Some users reported that their printer device stopped responding unexpectedly. This error often occurs when the printer gets any runtime error. If the printer not responding Mac, power restarts it. Go to the printer and switch it on. Now check the power cable and eject it from the printer. Wait for about a minute and reconnect it. Your printer must start automatically and the services should run from the beginning. Runtime issues on the printer will get resolved. Now reconnect the printer and now check whether it is responding to your system or not.

Paper jam

New printer devices barely face jamming problems. But if you have an old printer; you may get paper jam often. It occurs when the paper chunks are stuck inside the printer rollers. To fix the jamming problem, you have to remove the paper chunks. Go to the printer and check the rollers. Sometimes printers get jammed when the rollers draw multiple pages at a time. Remove all pages and then align the pages on the input tray. After removing the chunks, the printer will start working. 

Printer communication errors

You can get communication errors due to the corrupted driver. Every printer needs a driver to communicate with the computer/phone. Without the driver, your printer can’t understand the print jobs. When a communication error appears, inspect the driver immediately. Go to the drivers’ folder on the system and check the printer driver for updates. Install the new update and now the printer will start communicating with the PC. Remember every printer model has a unique driver. Ensure that you have installed the correct driver for the printer model. Check the model number and printer driver. Sometimes the user deletes driver files mistakenly and the setup gets corrupted. To fix this, you can reinstall the driver on your system. 

Printer stopped working 

The easiest method to fix the printer error is resetting. Many users get printer errors when they change some settings on the printer. Any invalid settings can get your printer into errors. You need to undo those recent changes on the device. Check the printer settings and undo the changes. In most cases, users forget the changes they made on the device. For this problem, you can go for the reset options on your printer. Go to the printer settings and check for the reset option. In some printer models, you may get the physical reset button. You can reset the network settings, print settings, etc. Use the factory reset option only when you know the printer configuration method. After the factory reset, you need to re-configure the printer for all the devices.

Slow printing

Every printer’s speed reduces with time. But some other factors can also affect the printing speed. In a network connection, your printer works way slower than a cable connection. If you want to improve the printing speed, connect to the printer using a USB cable. Changing the printing mode can help in increasing the speed. When you change the printer mode to draft; it uses less ink and runs with better speed. But use this mode only for printing plain documents. Using draft/low mode for printing coloured printouts is not recommendable. If your printer is new but still showing speed issues then you should ask for technical help. 

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