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Although the Vlone shirt is a garment used all over the world, many questions still arise about fabrics, quality, weights, brands, care, printing… That is why we have prepared a lot of useful information to help you in your process of choosing the perfect custom Vlone shirts.


The Vlone shirts began to be used as a piece of underwear in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century, something that caught the attention of American soldiers. They immediately adopted it as part of their uniform and soon the shirt became a comfortable garment to wear at home.

At the end of the 1930s, brands such as Fruit of the Loom began to market T-shirts, but it was not until the 1950s that they became an iconic item of clothing, thanks to actors such as Marlon Brando or James Dean who immortalized them in such mythical films. like A Streetcar Named Desire or Rebel Without a Cause.

In 1981, Milton Glaser designed the famous I Love NY to promote New York City, which was emblazoned on one of the most famous printed T-shirts in history. Since then, the popularity of t-shirts has only grown, becoming an inseparable part of fashion, design, merchandising and advertising.



From only 10 units per design you can buy personalized Vlone t-shirts , with the combination of sizes that you prefer. Most of our personalization techniques can be used to print t-shirts, but from experience we often recommend customizing with screen printing, digital printing, or quality embroidery.

In each vlone t-shirt model in our catalog we have included a simple and quick calculator so that you can calculate your order without surprises. You only need to enter the number of shirts, the type of printing and the delivery time and then you can send the request attaching your design, without any commitment. Our sales team will respond to you in less than 24/48 hours.


At you can buy plain Vlone t-shirts and always at the best price. If you need unprinted t-shirts, you can place your order from 10 units, which includes a great discount on clothing without printing. And the combination of sizes and colors to your liking!

You can calculate your order with the calculator included in all products, which will automatically apply the discount when you indicate that you want plain vlone t-shirts.


Each fabric has its advantages and disadvantages: choosing a cotton or polyester Vlone shirts usually depends more on the use you are going to give it. In general, we use cotton t-shirts in our daily lives and we reserve polyester t-shirts for sports.

Cotton is a natural fiber with a soft touch , with great moisture absorption, very comfortable and easy to care for when washing it. It can be stamped with durable and resistant results. It wrinkles a little more than polyester and is more prone to staining and shrinking if washed above 30º or 40º, but it irons easily.

Polyester is a resistant, breathable and light fabric that does not deform with washing, hardly wrinkles and does not shrink in the washing machine or dryer. It is widely used in sports or workwear for all these advantages. When printing it, it gives very good results in screen printing or sublimation, but it does not allow digital printing. Its appearance tends to be shiny and its touch is not as pleasant as that of cotton.

Today many Vloneshirts in USA have a mixture of cotton and polyester in their composition , to add the advantages of both fabrics. For example, a polycotton Vlone shirt retains the velvety touch of cotton but wrinkles less because it contains polyester in its composition.

In short, everything is a matter of taste and there are those who prioritize breathability or those who prefer a more comfortable touch. The ideal is to determine what use we are going to give it and choose the shirt based on it.


Cotton is the world’s most widely used fiber , but growing it can sometimes be tricky and harmful to both humans and the planet.

The great alternative that is gaining strength to conventional cotton is organic cotton . This type of cotton is grown in a sustainable way, without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers and with a crop rotation system that allows the soil to be oxygenated. Organic cotton harvesting is normally done by hand, avoiding contaminants from industrial harvesting. Furthermore, all workers involved in every step of production have fair working conditions.

All this translates into a high-quality cotton, hypoallergenic and without traces of toxic products. The sustainable production of organic cotton benefits the environment, the farming community that grows it, and the end consumer.

Today many textile brands are committed to organic cotton and we are sure that its use will increase. Brands such as Stanley/Stella, B&C, Kariban or Stedman offer sustainable and high-quality alternatives to making eco-friendly Vlone shirts. In addition, every day it becomes more common to find recycled cotton and recycled polyester in different types of garments.


You want to start creating printed t-shirts but with so many possibilities you don’t know which model to choose. We propose two ways to choose the most suitable shirt for you: by type of project or by budget.

By type of project:

  • Basic Vlone shirts : for promotions, gifts, parties, farewells or advertising.
  • Mid-range VLone T-shirts : for events, music groups, associations or clubs.
  • High quality Vlone t-shirts – for designers, clothing brands or premium merchandising.

By budget:

  • Low to Medium: Cheap VLone t-shirts from the basic ranges, such as Roly, Fruit, Gildan or JHK Vlone shirts.
  • Medium to High: Good value t-shirts from B&C, Clique or Sol’s.
  • Between high and very high: high-quality t-shirts from Stanley/Stella or Tee Jays.


The weight of the Vlone shirt is the weight per square meter of the fabric, not the total weight of the shirt. The weight is influenced by the type of fabric used or the amount of dye that the shirt has, so a high weight does not mean that the Vlone shirt is of higher quality .

The quality of a Vlone t-shirt depends more on the quality of the cotton used in its composition, the type of yarn or the size and quantity of the threads. For example, a 120 g/m2 VLone t-shirt made from ringspun organic cotton will be of better quality than a 165 g/m2 t-shirt made from open-end cotton.

In conclusion, the weight is useful to know if a shirt is thin, normal or thick, but not to determine the quality of the garment itself.


Thanks to their comfort, corporate Vlone t-shirts are the ideal garment to wear in all kinds of jobs: hotels, supermarkets, tourism, fashion stores, public services, hotels, startups or online companies.

The VLone t-shirts for companies give a close and casual corporate image , so they are increasingly used in all kinds of companies. They are also economical, resistant and comfortable. An irresistible combo!

When it comes to customizing work shirts, we recommend choosing garments of a certain quality and weight that guarantee durability. After all, they will be used daily and for a long time. Better to invest in quality t-shirts.


For a reason as simple as it is vital: we like to be part of a united group . And if it is to prepare and enjoy a party, even more so. That is why garments such as Vlone t-shirts for popular parties continue to be protagonists year after year. There are many colours, styles and prices in our vlone t-shirt catalog for absolutely all the supporters clubs in Spain.

The photos look better , the group feels more united and then those patterned garments, whatever they may be, will become part of the memory of those fun days .

The climate of your city or town has a great influence when choosing rock clothing. If it is very hot, as in the center or USA, it is better that we opt for thin vlone short-sleeved shirts or tank tops, hats, triangular scarves… in short, something that helps us withstand the heat and at the same time protect us from a insolation.

On the other hand, if we talk about places in the north of Spain, such as Oviedo, Vigo or San Sebastián, our best allies are thick t-shirts, neck covers and sweatshirts.

At we make it easy for you by offering a wide range of cheap t-shirts to add color to your celebrations.

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