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The Rise of Uber Alternative App Amidst The Pandemic And Your Chance To Build A Fortune

The term “Uber” made its transition from German and the philosophies of Nietzsche to everyday usage… Both literally and figuratively. This transformation has to be credited to the ride-hailing company based out of San Francisco bearing the same name.

Uber has been nothing short of a revolution! It changed the way ride-hailing operated and it has led to the creation of two distinct eras.

The uncertainty:

To understand the awesomeness of Uber, we will need to understand the magnitude of uncertainty prevalent in the ride-hailing space before ride-booking on demand came in.

People had to depend on waving their hands at some random taxi on the road. The taxi driver might or might not stop, and even if they did, they might not be willing to drop you in the location of your choice. Even if they were to be ready, there was always some uncertainty involved in the pricing that, more often than not, involves some painful haggling. If the driver is relatively new, there is also a possibility that they might get lost in finding your destination. This confusion not only results in frustration but also brings up a possibility of you paying more than what you bargained for.

If we were to consider the space of taxi booking in advance, you had to call an agency that would get in touch with a driver. Even here, there is uncertainty involved in your pricing. The drivers might have trouble reaching your destination, and it involves some painful coordination.

Enter on-demand ride-hailing service:

An app like Uber effectively solves all these challenges. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the epicenter of the on-demand revolution is the GPS. Combining the GPS with a personal profile, and along with it, the mapping and navigation systems, it makes it easy for people to avail of services, drivers to navigate to the exact location, and to even reach destinations in unfamiliar territories and routes.

This service has proliferated into multiple streams not only in other areas of service but also with transportation.

The possibilities that ride-hailing service has in store

Transportation has been an eternal need for humans, and it’s growing demand can be traced back to the time when the wheel was invented. The industrial revolution, the growing enterprises in the most impossible regions on earth, and The general increase in travel and tourism have contributed to the growth of ride-hailing.

Above everything, the pandemic has been instrumental in both positively and negatively impacting the perception and application of ride-hailing. The number of people using public transport has drastically reduced and some of them have shifted to using ride-hailing services considering the intensity of isolation and the increase in safety.

Taking all these factors in mind, there are different avatars in which ride-hailing can exist.

Shuttle services: working people and college students have started to extensively use shuttle services. It gives them an economic alternative to the usual cabs while at the same time, not compromising on the comfort of travel. Since the timing for office and college travel is standard, shuttle services can easily work in this space.

The same logic can also be extended for providing transportation services for school children.

Corporate transportation:

While everyday office commute remains in a different segment, corporate travel is not only limited to office commute but also business trips, transporting people and executives for meetings, and even handling transportation for events and conferences.

A corporate entity like a company can tie up with a private transportation provider to avail of all these services. The payment can be either on a contract basis or can also be on the basis of the number of trips taken in a given billing period, usually a month. This is considered to be one of the most lucrative segments in ride-hailing.

Outstation travel:

there are instances of people traveling from one place to another for leisure trips or for some emergency or personal travel. This would mean a long-term commitment for the driver as they might have to spend multiple hours or even days attached with one client. Anything said this is also a good source of income, especially after people have shown an increase in animosity towards public transport owing to possible lapses in hygiene.

Feeder travel:

more often than not, there are instances where ride-hailing acts as a feeder for other modes of transportation. There are a lot of times when an Uber ride ends in a train station or at the airport. People who are all set to comfortably travel by air or by train might not want to compromise on the comfort in the trip from their homes to the railway station or the airport. This is another segment that is bound to be lucrative, and it would also be helpful if people can schedule their rides to these locations.

The Features Of An Uber Alternative App:

There are chances that you, as an entrepreneur, or contemplating on creating an Uber alternative app. While there are solutions in terms of technology, you will need to keep in mind that there are some features that need to be intact to ensure that your tab functions without any hassle.

The onboarding process should be simple and straightforward. If possible, users should be able to sign in using existing credentials like Google and Facebook. The signing up should immediately create a profile for them that will keep a record of all the rides that they have taken, in addition to the default pick up and drop addresses and the usual payment methods.

The GPS should be effectively used not only in helping drivers and users access each other’s locations and in navigating, but also in taking data such as distance and traffic to accurately calculate the fair for each trip. This adds an additional degree of transparency and trust for both the user and the driver.

Ride-hailing is all about flexibility. As much as the user has a facility to book a cab at any location, the driver should also be able to accept or reject rides based on their convenience. They should also be in a position to toggle their availability and control their working hours.

The flow of payments should be smooth, simple, efficient, and flawless. The passenger should be provided with a payment gateway that accepts payments from multiple payment instruments like credit cards, debit cards, Internet banking, and wallets. The drivers should be credited their payments as quickly as possible to their bank accounts.

A review and rating system should be in place to ensure that the entire ecosystem stays democratic. The users should be able to read their experience with the drivers, and the drivers should also be able to read their experience with the users.

The administrator should be provided with a dashboard that gives them complete control over the entire ecosystem. They should be able to view vital data from the app analytics, control the content on the app, run promotions and discounts, suspend users and passengers, and above everything, control the commercial elements of the business including the commissions’ percentage paid to the drivers.


The market for ride-hailing is ripe, open, and wide to welcome new players. Instead of spending a lot of time, money, and effort in creating a taxi booking app from scratch, you can consider using an Uber clone. An Uber clone script is easy to customize and it can be made to bear the flavor and signature of your brand. an Uber clone software also gives you a glitch-free product that does not have any problems with the basic functionality.

All that you are required to do is to get in touch with a company that specializes in the development and customization of a white label taxi app like Uber. They will take care to understand your requirements and get the app up and running in a short time. Once you have clarity on the aspects like the Uber clone script customization time and the Uber clone price, you are just days away from launching your own ride-hailing app.

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