Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy are some of the best types of cancer treatment facilities available in India. Read on to find out about more such cancer treatment facilities out there. In 2020 alone, nearly 1,392,179 people had cancer. Worse is that sources suggest that the rate of cancer cases in India will level up by 12% in the next five years.

The best cancer hospitals in India understand the repercussions these statistics could create. Hospitals like Max Hospital, provide holistic cancer treatment to the patients. They boast Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, and Radiation Oncology for every type of cancer treatment one needs. The hospital is the first of its kind to provide Novalis Tx for IGRT/IMRT, Radiosurgery, and SRT/SRS. The hospital also features a Da Vinci XI Robotic system that can help treat complex cancers. So, connect with them for further diagnosis and information on cancer treatments. 

Here is more comprehensive information on the cancer treatment facilities in this country. 


Chemotherapy is one of the most prevalent cancer treatments available in India. In this treatment, a drug is used to kill the cancer cells in the body. It aims at damaging the genes that reside in the nucleus of the cells. Generally, this treatment does not accompany any physical pain. However, it may come with side effects that include balding. 

Radiation Therapy

High doses of radiation help kill the cancer cells in the body using this treatment. Anyone who undergoes Radiation therapy is likely to experience side effects like headache, hair loss, and even vomiting. Side effects may also differ from person to person. As such, individuals may also experience scalp changes and trouble with speech. If the condition worsens, it is best to consult thebest cancer hospital in India for relief. 

Surgical Treatment

Cancer surgery can help cure you in many ways. It aims at helping remove cancer entirely from the body. But this is only recommended as per the spread of cancer in an individual. Also, for people facing discomfort due to cancer, surgery can help eliminate that. Speak to thebest cancer hospital in India to know if you can obtain a surgical cancer treatment in need. 


The immune system is encouraged to combat the cancer cells in the body using this form of therapy. They may either be used in the form of injection inside your muscle or your skin. Sources suggest that one can expect to live up to five years with a dose of Immunotherapy. 

Other Cancer Treatment Facilities Available In India

  • Hormone therapy
  • Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Targeted Drug therapy
  • Clinical trials 

Speak to your health provider today to find out what type of cancer treatment facilities you can avail yourself of in India. The best cancer hospital in India is bound to provide most of these treatments at nominal rates. Also, please find out about the costs per cancer treatment, as each differs according to numerous factors.

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