Treating QuickBooks Script Error with effective solutions

Organizations and bookkeepers are utilizing QuickBooks to keep track of business performance.Users entrust QuickBooks with their pivotal business information, and QuickBooks assists them with dependable bookkeeping and financial records. It is extending dramatically, helping many small and medium-sized businesses on the way. Despite all of its perks, this software can come under the influence of errors and can cause the software to malfunction. For instance, the QuickBooks script error in QuickBooks signifies some issues with your internet explorer. If you face this error while using QuickBooks, then continue reading the blog for solutions to get rid of it.

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Details about the error

This error is related to Internet Explorer andoccurs when QuickBooks tries to connect to internet explorer. QuickBooks is dependent a lot on internet explorer for accessing the internet and running local scripts. But once your QuickBooks gets affected by this error, it can be difficult for you to open the software, or it may even crash while working. You’ll see error codes with a message saying, “An error has occurred in the script of the page.”


This error can occur because of many uncertain reasons. Some of them are mentioned underneath-

  • Incorrect settings of the web browser.
  • A damaged or corrupted company file.
  • Web Browser is already running in the background while you make a new page request.


Some solutions which can help you to resolve this error are mentioned below. Before proceeding, you are advised to make a complete backup of your data.

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Solution 1- Make internet explorer your default browser

  1. Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools.
  2. Click Internet Options and then
  3. Click the Make default option below Default Web Browser.
  4. Tap

Reopen QuickBooks and check if the error is gone; move to the next solution if it persists.

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Solution 2- Add intuit as a trusted site in the browser

Let’s add intuit to your internet explorer as a trusted site so that it doesn’t stop and QB processes in the future. The steps to execute this are mentioned below-

  1. Open Internet Explorer on your computer.
  2. Click on the Command option, then select
  3. Choose Internet Options from the list.
  4. Go to the Security tab, select Trusted sites, and click
  5. Enter comin Add this website to the zone field and tap Add.
  6. Open the Trusted sites window and uncheckRequire server verification(HTTPS:) for all sites in this zone.
  7. After closing the window, uncheck Enable Protected mode.
  8. Now, click Command
  9. Choose Tools and then Internet options.
  10. Go to programs & then Manager add-ons
  11. Select Disable add-ons and finally click Ok.

Restart QuickBooks again, and if you can use it without errors, the error is terminated.

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Thus, this is the completion of the blog. We talked about the QuickBooks Script error and the means to address it. We expect that your inquiries got settled, and QuickBooks is running trouble-free again on your computer.

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