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While residing in Hyderabad, I did many foot tours to see the heritage here. Laad Bazaar is one of them. Anyone who has visited the Laad Bazaar or its streets will not be untouched by its glitz and glamour.

The colorful bangles sold here, clean white pearls, and different types of clothes and apparel complement each other and also seem to compete with each other to attract your attention.

In fact, I went there to find out what is a special dupatta in Hyderabad, what is khada dupatta and how to wear it. But as soon as you enter the market, your attention should not be on lac bangles, this cannot happen.

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Lad Bazar is situated between two famous monuments of Hyderabad, Charminar and Chowmahalla Palace. This market is very famous for bangles, jewelry, and clothes.

I consider the Lad Bazar of Hyderabad, situated on the banks of the Musi river, to be the makeup of this picturesque city.

Let me show you the main attractions of this Lad Bazaar.

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Khadda Dupatta – Hyderabad Bridal Dress

As soon as I entered the street of Laad Bazar, naturally, I started immortalizing the scenes in the camera. Even the glare from the camera’s eyes started dazzling me.

The first thought that came to my mind was, ‘Is this the pride of Hyderabad?’. Bright white-colored lehengas, dupattas, and saris were hanging all around.

The dupattas standing in them were a little more gleaming and gleaming. The shade of colors spread on them and the bright inlaid works were attracting attention.

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On whom the eyes rested, on whom did not, I could not understand my vision. I decided to go to some shops and request them to show me the standing dupatta.

Seeing my gait and my clothes, the shopkeepers were having serious doubts that I really wanted to buy a standing dupatta.

I thought it right to be truthful. I told them that I had set out in search of special items of Hyderabad and the khada dupatta was one of them.

One of the shopkeepers thanked me and helped me to put on a standing yellow dupatta more than 6 meters long and carry it on my shoulders.

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Scarf for Bride

I was told that along with this 6-meter dupatta, another 2-meter dupatta has to be carried by the bride on her head. Apart from this, 4 meters of cloth is required for making Kurti and salwar.

Heavy embroidery and zardozi work is done on all these. You must be thinking how would the bride carry such a load?

Let me give you some information here the weight of the cloth used in making the khada dupatta is not high. Therefore, the weight of the bride’s dress is not much.

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If you go to the streets of Lad Bazar, you will see many artisans doing embroidery work on the clothes there. Many artisans work together on a standing dupatta.

Some embroider it with threads, while some put stars and stars on it. Embroidery on such a long dupatta is not an easy task.

Lac Bangles in lad Bazar

Whenever I used to come to Lad Bazaar, my feet always stopped in front of bangle shops. I have bought many bangles from here.

There are many shops here full of colorful bangles. The most famous of these are the bangles on which floral motifs are made.

At this time I had come to these streets not to buy bangles, but to meet the makers of them.

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Lac bangles manufacturing

I finally got the opportunity to see and understand the whole process of making lac bangles in these lanes of Lad Bazaar, right in pieces.

• Thin metal bangles are first taken to make lac bangles.
• They are given a perfect circular motion by the hands.
• Lac is heated over coals and the desired color is added to it. The strips of this lac are given the desired shape and size.
• After that this lac is offered on a metal bangle. The shape of the bangle is corrected one by one by the hands to get the perfect circular shape.
• These original bangles are then sent to other artisans who inlay stars and stones on them.

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Difference between lac bangles of Hyderabad and Rajasthan

An artisan explained to me the difference between lac bangles from Rajasthan and Hyderabad. He proudly told me that the art to be found in the artisans of Hyderabad is nowhere else to be found.

The easy way to identify lac bangles from Hyderabad is their sheen. The more glitter, the more likely it is to be made in the streets of Hyderabad. Gleaming bangles are one of the specialties of Hyderabad.

Lac bangles made in Rajasthani style paint the entire motif on one bangle whereas in Hyderabadi style bangles an entire set of bangles together form a single figure.

Economy of lac Bangles

I saw several workshops here in the streets where men and women sit around a small fireplace to make lac bangles.

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After that, these colorful adorable bangles reach the main market and attract customers. I suddenly realized that these bangles light up so many homes and feed the stomachs of so many people.

Personally, I have never been fascinated by jewelry and decorations. For me, these jewelry, bangles etc. are such things without which one can easily live.

I have always admired them over others. But walking through these lanes of Lad Bazar in Hyderabad, I realized how much effort and time it takes to make each bangle.

These bangles go through the hands of many artisans before adorning one’s wrists. How many families are dependent on this industry.

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Pearls of Lad Bazar

Hyderabad is called the city of pearls of India. Hyderabad is not located near any river or sea where pearls are produced.

Nevertheless, it is the largest pearl processing and trading center. As soon as you reach this market, you will not have to search for a pearl shop.

Wherever your eyes go, there will be pearl shops. The vendors of the shops cordially invite you inside and invite you to look at the pearl jewelry. You cannot ignore them even if you want to.

Strings of pearls of white and pale white color will be visible hanging all around. Necklaces, ear earrings, bangles and other jewelry made of pearls start deceiving.

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According to everyone’s taste, there is a plethora of ornaments. Here I also got pearls according to my interest. I bought several large pearls of unusual colors like gray and of unusual shapes.

Pearl Industry

Here too I had a desire to see pearl processing and the art of making ornaments from them. So I went to the pearl processing unit at the back of the shop.

The beads are first sorted according to their size. Large sieves are used to make separate stacks of the same size beads. After that, it is trimmed according to its size and shape by hand.

After that, holes are made in the sorted beads one by one by a small machine. After this, they are threaded in a thread.

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Some threads are sold as such and some are sent to a jewelry manufacturing unit to make charm ornaments. We all must have seen these units. Finally, we should also know how to make the ornaments that we wear with interest.

It is my heartfelt recommendation that you must visit this market of Hyderabad and roam its streets. It is a buyers’ paradise.

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