Top Best Places For Smoke Dust 2


No matter what map you are playing in CS GO, there are factors that will set you apart from the rest. You can stay ahead of your competition by knowing the map and your aim.

You will most likely need to rely on your own judgment in one-vs.-one situation. However, it is possible to give yourself an edge by throwing some key grenades and best smoke spots dust 2 that could catch your enemies off-guard.

To free up space, throw a quick bomb in the direction you are heading. There are also “grenade/smoke points” that allow players the ability to toss throwables at key locations on the map without exposing themselves to the enemy.

These grenade spots can be used to flank enemy players or cover your pushing teammates.

The Xbox smoke

This is where the T side will play when they want to move around the middle of the map. After passing the Tspawn, make your way to the outside and go straight into the corner on the right.

Cross your legs and adjust your crosshair so that it points to the edge of any building in front. Once you have aligned your crosshair, jump up while throwing the grenade. The best smoke spots dust 2  should touch the Xbox, making it difficult for enemy AWP users to see your teammates pushing the middle.

The long A corner smoke

To increase your chances of passing the long doors, you should use the long corner smoke if you are aiming to push towards the A-side.

You will find this smoke in the T-spawn. To get to it, you need to move to the right side of the building near the outside. You will see a pipe along the wall. The second valve is the one you need to target.

Jump while you throw the smoke. It should land between Blue and Side pit, covering any person looking from long A.

The long A flash

You may not find smokes the best option depending on your strategy. If you want to rush your enemies and get them off guard, flashes might be a better choice.

Like the long A smoke, flashes from the spot below will also land there. Blind enemies trying to peek through long doors are blinded by them.

Move to the outside and aim for the top of the wall behind your car. Jump and throw the smoke, then run toward the long doors to maximize your flashbang.

Deep CT cross smoke

After winning the find in long A, you’ll need to think fast. There is a chance that CT players on the B side of you will run toward A. You’ll need to stop them.

The smoke will cover the line of vision below the A. After passing the long doors, turn left and aim for the middle of the tiles. Then, aim behind the antenna to throw your smoke.

Cross smoke

Cross best smoke spots dust 2  is an alternative to deep CT cross smoking. This version is better if you need to push along your team members, as you won’t have to stop like the last one.

After passing the long doors, light your cigarettes and aim for the edge of the crosswalk. Jump throw the smoke and move toward the long A.

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