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Top 5 mins reads – best bedtime stories to read for your child

Story: Baby bunny and the easter picnic 

Baby bunny and also the easter picnic is one of the best and the most wonderful bedtime stories to read, which comes under the 5 min read for your kids.

It is a story of a baby bunny who went on an Easter picnic with all her baby animal friends and ate a lot of the chocolates there. The story has been written by Jade Maitre. Baby bunny in the story is nothing but a small or baby rabbit who is very cute and friendly in nature and loved by everyone. This story is one of the best and all time favourite bedtime stories to read for your kids.

So, the story goes like, easter was round the corner and baby bunny wanted to make it big and lavious with all her baby animal friends. She also wanted to make an easter hunt for an egg for her friends.

Now, the baby bunny has a best friend known as Harry bunny. So, Harry bunny said that she is so happy and ready to go on the easter hunt for an egg for sure, which makes it one of the most wonderful and also the best bedtime stories to read.

Baby boo duckling also comes up asking both the harry bunny and also baby bunny to hide the eggs, as she is an expert in doing the same because she is doing the same for whole of her life. Therefore, she asked can i help you in hiding the eggs?

But later she comes to know that one of her own eggs is being cracked and now chocolate is being used to pack it and painted the same with a pretty orange colour on the same. This is one of the best and cool bedtime stories to read for your kids, the Baby bunny then said if you people hide the eggs from me then you will not be able to find the eggs at all and this Easter picnic is all about the findings of egg.

Now comes the sara fluff bunny into this picture and in story by saying that if the baby boo duckling is hiding the eggs in the easter picnic then i will also be hiding the eggs for the easter picnic and make fun in the picnic. And to continue this wonderful bedtime stories to read, the whole scenario then comes the harry bunny into the picture again and said, if both baby boo duckling and sara fluffy bunny are hiding the eggs for the easter picnic then i will also be hiding the same and i should also be able to hide it.

Along with that, Harry bunny also said that she had a good as well as a very sniffing nose, which will ultimately help them in finding the places for hiding the eggs in the Easter picnic. By looking as well as listening to all of them then comes the furzel, werzel, as well as wesley by saying that they also do not want to miss the fun of the easter picnic and also of the hiding eggs in the cool bedtime stories to read for your kids and child under the 5 mins quick read.

Baby bunny thought it was not a plan to hide the eggs in the picnic, instead having fun with them was a plan. But all of her friends took it in the wrong way and started planning to hide the eggs with them in the Easter picnic and this particular thing was of no use at all. Now the baby bunny was in the confusion then. Then the baby bunny said to all of her friends not to hide the eggs at all but to have fun at the Easter picnic instead. In this bedtime stories to read for your child under the 5 mins quick read, then Wesley bunny agreed to the same by saying if there will be a lot of the chocolates.

Are not the chocolates are being included in the Easter picnic? She asked to the baby bunny.

The head of the another friend, Beatrice Duckling, just popped up in between with the mentioning of chocolates. Then she said that picnics always and always are being included in the picnic. NO? Then in the bedtime stories to read, She continued talking like wind that a picnic without the chocolates is likely to be like a pond without frogs in it. It is very nice to have an Easter picnic but on the other hand, something is missing in the same.

Along with that, the baby bunny jumps in between and said that the Easter picnic should be enjoyed with the proper Easter eggs as well as a great and tasty tea. Even though we do not want the sandwiches. Then all these baby animals found out the picnic baskets and carefully as well as joyfully filled them up. They basically in the bedtime stories to read for children filled the Easter chocolates eggs in the picnic baskets in colours like pink, red, and orange. They packed up these chocolate eggs as a calculation of one for each egg.

At the end, all the baby animals’ friends had a cool lemon and ginger tea along with the tasty chocolate egg bites. They enjoyed a lot of their Easter picnics and played a lot of the games such as they played the hopscotch, and also pin the tail on the rabbit. Then in bedtime stories to read, the sara fluff bunny also said and showed the ducklings how to have a wheelbarrow race.

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They all did a race that sara fluff bunny showed, then at the end of the race baby boo duckling as well as beatrice duckling won the game and also the race. Along with them, the barbara butterfly also came to join the party of the baby animals and enjoyed the lemon and ginger tea and also the chocolate eggs as well in the bedtime stories to read for kids.

After enjoying the easter picnic, baby boo duckling said that she enjoyed the easter picnic a lot and she asked if they could actually have this kind of the easter picnic everyday.

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