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3 Important Tips You Should Keep in Mind while Having Your Bubble Tea for the First Time

Be it a college goer or a hardcore professional – there’s one single drink that has been everyone’s favorite for years before. Have you identified it? What can it be except tea where everyone can come into an accord together? From green to black to milk – a cup of tea can adopt many colors to quench your cravings for caffeine. But, in the last few years, another form of tea has accumulated quite a popularity among people of all age groups.  

You must have heard the name bubble tea or bola tea. It’s the new beloved of tea lovers, a frothy and flavorsome tea with a surface layer filled with bubbles. Pearl Lemon Boba would be a nice place to order it from. They have got you covered with their fresh milk tea and fruit-based tea offerings, and they are all vegan options. 

So, let’s proceed towards being informed about some facts that you need to know before trying boba tea for the first time. 

  • Mixing Milk Tea and Fruit Add-ins is a Felony

You will find plenty of flavoring agents for bubble tea on the market. Many come in jelly form with flavors like mango, lychee, and other fruits. They all are exquisite companions of boba tea, and this page describing how to make lychee jelly for bubble tea is enough to give you a proper idea of it. 

But never mix popping boba or fruit jelly with your milk tea. Do as many experiments as you can, but the syrupy creaminess of milk tea and the sourness of fruit jelly will remain poles apart, resulting in a disaster in your cup. Hence, when you suffice your hunger for lactose with a nice cup of milk tea, keep yourself remote from fruity treats!

  • Fruit and Pudding: Never a Good Match  

How much add-ins will complement your tea’s taste entirely depends on if you have taken a fruit slush or not. Any standard café should provide multiple jelly options like rainbow jelly and lychee jelly. 

But, these fruity add-ins will never be next to pudding. Fruity add-ins won’t be compatible with pudding because of the same reasons valid for the incompatibility of milk tea and fruit add-ins. Their textures won’t match with each other. Besides, pudding’s sweetness and fruit jelly’s soreness will destroy the taste and smell of your bubble tea. Therefore, it’s better not to make such a match. 

  • Milk Tea Wants Pudding or  Ice Cream

You have already learned that milk tea doesn’t have excellent compatibility with fruit jelly and popping. But it doesn’t mean you need to leave enjoying milk-based bubble tea or have them without any supplementary attractions. Mango, egg, taro, or milk – irrespective of any pudding you offer, it will be a fine combination with milk base tea. Besides, you will find this thing quite identical to ice creams. In reality, ice creams do go well with all types of tea bases, but when mixed with a cup of milk-based boba tea, they become a period of pure ecstasy. 

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