Tips to Prepare for your Big Exam

The thought of taking an important exam scares us all and many students get sick because of the fear of the exam rather than the exam itself. According to a research 20% of students have high level anxiety prior to a test. This recurring anxiety and constant stress can lead big to clinical depression and long-term stress related disease.

While it is common for students to undergo a lot of stress before a big paper comes up, not being able to manage stress in the right way can have many negative repercussions. Don’t worry, with our tips and tricks to manage exam stress, you can be confident before your next big paper.

Take Practice Tests

To make sure you are not scared of the big moment, it is important to live that moment again and again. Rather than pushing yourself for the first time in something as uncomfortable as a big exam, you must practice with similar to an examination environment and see how things work out. By doing this you can better learn to handle stress and not really get all big anxious when the final day arrives.

Taking practice tests has proven to be the oldest and most effective ways of preparing for a big day. Rely on genuine resources that draft paper as close to as your final exam. You can take help of various practice papers or even online platforms. One such platform is the Uworld where majority of students take high level practice tests and learning kits too. You can also get the Uworld discount as they have many coupons for students.

Proper Sleep

A proper sleep before a big exam is as important as it could get. You cannot perform well if your mind is not able to think straight. In order to retrieve memory and concepts from your brain, the brain needs to be well-rested. Students usually pull all-nighters before a big exam and this is one of the biggest mistakes they make. Make sure to be properly rested before you go out and conquer that paper.

So, you must sleep if you want to get the most out of your learning time. Research has repeatedly found that sleeping for four to five hours before an exam would boost your examination score better than lying awake for four or five hours looking at notes you won’t recall Uworld promo code . In reality, the National Institutes of Health discovered that students who big are sleep deprived have lower GPAs because it affects memory and concentration.


People underestimate the benefits of mediation. A three minute meditation can set your mind in the right state and bring a sense of peace and calmness to your brain. Meditation is important to activate body muscles and maximize the brain potential. It also plays a vital role in reducing tension retained in the body and flush out all the anxiety from the brain. Before you go to take that big exam, don’t forget to meditate.

Focus on Your Diet

Breakfast-eating teachers and pupils score well in tests, according to research. Including slow-release carbohydrates, such as whole rolled porridge oats, whole grain bread, or low-sugar muesli, in your breakfast for the best results.

To feel fuller for longer, eat a protein-rich food like milk, yoghurt, or eggs. On exam day, eat a portion of grilled fish or other foods high in long-chain Omega-3 fats, which are thought to have brain-boosting effects. Or you can take anything you like but don’t take too much of your comfort food as it could make you lazy when you really need to have that brain attentive.

Talk to a Friend

Don’t forget all of your class mates are in the same boat. Sure some pupils love exams (psychopathic vibes) but most of the students are anxious before a big test and there is no reason you should beat yourself up for feeling this way. Whenever you are feeling stressed before a big paper talking to a friend always seems like a good idea. But be wise when picking the friend big you are choosing to vent to.

Some students are on the second round of revision and they only increase the anxiety level in our brain. Consult with a friend who could relate to you or easily understand the situation you are in.

Share your Anxiety

Similar to talking to a friend, but it you have a high level of anxiety that is very uncommon in most of the students, then you need to open about it. There is no harm in sharing your feelings with anyone. In extreme cases you could also seek a professional help or even discuss it with your mom so she finally understands the reason behind those mood swings too.

Interesting Ways to Learn

Learning could be fun. Plain black and white pages of books are boring but that’s what colorful highlighters are for. Or you could use colorful pens to make notes that will excite you while learning. Having flash cards or few mnemonics to memorize the important things is one of the oldest practices to learn. And remember when Hannah Montana made that bone dance song to memorize the names? You could try that too!

Test your Memory

Testing your memory is the only way to memorize something by heart. Try repeating the things you learnt in the mirror. Or teach your little sibling as If they are the one giving the exams. Once you learn something and pass it on to others, it get embedded into your memory.

Take it Easy

A piece of paper is a part of your future but it does not dictate your entire life. Don’t make an exam more than what it is. Take it easy. There are lots of tests in life and academic tests are just one category. And always remember, it’s okay to big fail because it means you are trying.

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