Top 10 Tips For Choosing A Catchy & Original Name For A Company

Tips For Choosing A Catchy & Original Name For A Company: Psychologists say that there is a 7-second rule during which we form the first impression of a person. The situation is roughly the same as the name of a company or product.

Many requirements are imposed on him: to be easy to remember the fantasy name generator, to be original, meaningful, sonorous. And also evoke positive associations and be visually attractive. The MC Today team has put together some tips on how to do this.

The Top 10 Tips For Choosing A Catchy & Original Name For A Company Are:

1. Catchy and fresh

Avoid overused phrases and platitudes. Good naming is caustic, apt, tenacious. When the name is unique, different from the competition, you are immediately one step ahead.

2. Easy to write – easy to pronounce

In pursuit of something like this, it is important not to overdo it. You often have to dictate the name of the company, repeat the site address, and your customers write it all down.

It is undesirable to use complex abbreviations. Let the spelling of words be traditional so that you don’t have to endlessly explain that at the beginning of the word “I” is put a period, and at the end – “B” as a double Y. Successful examples of company names: Facebook, Sony, Apple.

3. Size matters in tips for choosing a catchy and original name for a company 

Conciseness is the best friend of a successful naming. Limit your headline to two words, ideally two syllables. Avoid using hyphens and other special characters. It’s great if the name can be easily turned into a verb, for example, google me.

4. Meaning and subtext

Calling a company the first word that catches your eye is not the best solution. Quirky and fanciful names rarely become famous brands. With this approach, there is a high likelihood of screwing up.

Always check how the selected word is translated into other languages. There are many examples when company names in translation had a negative and even obscene meaning.

To our ears, BlueWater does not sound very appetizing, while the usual Ukrainian verb “shuka” can cause indignation among Czechs. It is ideal if the foreign translation is in harmony with the meaning of the original name or deepens it.

5. Hit the target

The name of the business should evoke positive associations with the field of activity of the company or characterize the product, focusing on some of its features.

The more spacious the name, the less trouble it will take to get it over to possible customers. The following examples reveal the nature of the brand well: Jaguar, PUMA, Tetra Pak.

6. Domain for the Internet

Usually, the domain name on the Internet is the same as the name of the company. Check if the selected address is busy. Otherwise, you will have to add additional characters or choose an atypical suffix.

If the name is less than six letters long, it is likely to be used. Your business may simply not be found on the Internet through search engines, and if they find it, they will not immediately recognize it. 

Since certain algorithms and directory lists work alphabetically, choose a name closer to A than to Z.

7. No restrictions

Don’t expose yourself. If initially, you plan to provide services only in Kyiv, then over time you can change your geographic location or scale. If you make belts, then in the future you will be able to replenish your assortment with bags, wallets and other leather goods.

Then the name will be inappropriate, and changing it at a stage when you have already invested in advertising, marketing and PR will be problematic.

8. Linguistic tricks

The repetition of words, rhymes and a certain rhythm creates an interesting sound. This is such a peculiar name that is easy to remember and can become a hit, like, for example, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Chupa-Chups.

The presence of growls and solid sounds symbolizes reliability and vice versa – soft and sibilant create the effect of tenderness and care.

9. Algorithm: how to choose a name for a company

Reconsider your goals, go back to your business plan, think about a Wow name generator tool. Introduce your target audience. 

Do not limit your imagination, generate new ideas, add associations, write down all the options. At this stage, many will seem ridiculous to you, but do not rush to give up on them. They can inspire new thoughts and produce brilliant results.

After some time, structure all the options with a fresh mind, mark the unsuccessful proposals, highlight the favourites.

When you have eliminated most of the options, and there are 4-5 left, think about legal registration. A situation may arise that your name duplicates the name of an existing organization.

In this case, you will have difficulties with paperwork, up to the court. Therefore, do not be lazy to spend time and money on a lawyer even at the stage of choosing a name in order to avoid trouble. Or at least check the trademark here.

In addition, the name must not violate applicable law. For example, today in our country it is impossible to name the bar “Molotov Cocktail”.

The name should be appropriate and match the meaning that you put into it. For example, you don’t need to call a coffee shop “Coffee Planet” if the assortment includes an unnamed heap from the nearest supermarket (otherwise your “Planet” will instantly turn into an asteroid).

According to Slovo Lyrics Studio, it is easier for viewers to comprehend the title in their own language. Therefore, in our country, the Latin alphabet, beloved by almost all creative people, is not always appropriate.

Especially if, when trying to read, for example, the end of a word, you can freeze for a long time. Moreover, there are many very beautiful words that would make a great name in the Cyrillic version.

10. What other ways are there to choose this name?

Competition. Some business owners give buyers the opportunity to come up with a name for the product themselves, and prizes are raffled off among the authors of the best options.

Among Ukrainian brands, such contests in social networks are regularly held by BlankNote, inviting its audience to come up with a name for a new handbag model. Or another example: when restaurateur Nikolai Tishchenko opened one of his restaurants, he also asked the subscribers for the name.

Question. If you have come up with several options and cannot decide in any way, ask for the opinion of acquaintances, friends, relatives, colleagues, potential clients. It is important to understand what impression this or that word makes on other people, whether it evokes the necessary associations and emotions.

Imagination. Imagine how the name will look on a business card, logo, letterhead, cup, billboard. Say the name out loud, paying attention to how it will sound in future radio or television commercials.

And remember, tips for choosing a catchy and original name for a company doesn’t come overnight. It takes at least a few weeks to go through all the steps, separate the wheat from the chaff and make an informed decision.

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