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The women’s hat: what are the trends and how to wear it

The women’s hat: what are the trends and how to wear it

Winter has arrived. It is therefore finally time to renew our wardrobes with clothes and accessories adapted to the season. And as you know, during the cold months, the hat is an integral part of our outfit. Not only do they complete the look, but these accessories play an important role in protecting the skin and hair. Here we will explain in detail why it is important to wear a hat. After that, you will be able to discover the trends in women’s winter hats.

Why is it important to wear a hat during the winter?

Do not underestimate the protective power of this accessory. Especially, if you are a person suffering from a form of otitis. People falling into this category are the most sensitive to wind and sub-zero temperatures. But, even if you have suffered only once in your life from inflammation of the trigeminal nerve.  It is recommended to wear a hat during the cold months.

When driving a car, it is good to use it as a kind of barrier against the current of the open window which could cause illness. If you’re not used to wearing a hat, because you think you’re cold-hardy, that doesn’t always apply to your hair. To keep them thick and healthy, it’s best to make sure you always wear a winter bucket hat or hat.

On the other hand, in heated rooms, you are advised not to forget to remove it, because the heat is just as harmful to the hair as the cold.


The beanie – is a total success in the women’s winter hat category

If there’s one clear winner among winter hats this year, it’s arguably the beanie. At first, it was worn by freshmen as a form of hazing. The beanie became popular also with blue-collar workers. Who wore it not only to keep their heads warm but also to keep their hair out of the way.

Nowadays, it has lost this primary application and it is most often used as a fashion accessory worn by men, women, and even children. Plus, you can find just about any colour or style you’re looking for. For example, the winter hat crocheted with eyelash yarn will add texture to your look. Or, a summer trend you can adopt in winter – a Hot-Dye cashmere beanie – a colouring technique that creates a marble effect on the fabric.


Women’s winter “bob” hat for an ultra-modern vision

This hat originated in Ireland at the end of the last century to protect farmers and fishermen from the sun. The cheap bucket hats (also called a “bucket”) became the favourite accessory of American gilders during World War II. Around a certain era, the French make a reference to these pilots as “the Roberts” due to various their headwear. Which eventually became known as “the bob.” This season, many designers choose this accessory as the main element in their collections. You can opt for wool models that will protect you best from the cold, or other more classic and stylized variants like this vinyl or Women Bucket Hat.

Women’s winter cap – for frosty days

Caps are no longer a product reserved for a particular style and they are once again enjoying huge and rapid success with both men and women. Originating as a baker’s hat, the cap is a classic example of an element of English heritage that has reigned supreme. Old styles and trends still reappear, but the runaway has gained credibility with iconic celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Kate Moss and Kendall Jenner officially mentioning embracing the trend. So, if you want to be inspired by the stars, don’t wait any longer to adopt the cap in our winter wardrobes. You can also consider buying a beret – the prototype of the cap we love.

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Felt women’s winter hat – a timeless style

Felt hat is a broad term that encompasses a variety of styles and shapes. It is characterized by a short to the medium edge with a rise in the back. The front can be turned up or down and styles that allow you to do both are called snap edges. Its classic appearance, the ability to suit a wide variety of people and the many celebrities who wear it only increases its charm.

There is a tendency to incorporate into this category another women’s winter hat called a “fedora” – a hat with a soft brim and serrated crown. It is usually pleated lengthwise all the way through the crown and “pinched” near the front on both sides. While the capeline, which we all know, belongs to the feminine style and gives a simple but classic look. Often they are accompanied by a ribbon. Have you noticed that we associate these hats with the classic style? As soon as you add one, you will instantly elevate your look. So when you think your outfit looks a little boring, add a hat! This helps bring the whole look together.



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