The historic link of the candle with prayers

The use of candles for prayers has a long history. Christians use candles in the church. It is the oldest tradition to use candles in churches.  Hence, the candles are used in the churches for some special days like Easter. On this day, the church is looking very beautiful. The church is shining with the light of candles. Christians use the light of a candle, the symbol of gratitude to God to answer their prayers. In the schools for the assembly time, use the candles and start the day with the worship of God. In the Catholic church, the light of the candle has a great significance. Jesus said himself a light of the world.

They use candles, a symbol of love and happiness. On the occasion of Easter, the use of the paschal candle is the symbol of a rise of light for Christ.  So, people in the churches worship God to keep the candle in front of their faces. They believe that if the darkened rooms shine with the lite of the candle. So, the worship of God lightens the hearts of those people.

Benefits of the use of white candles;

The white candles represent faith, protection, and connection with the higher personality. The most important benefits of the use of white candles for prayer are;

1; To keep calm and relax the body in the anxiety.

2; To control the emotions and negative things of the mind.

3; It is used to open the positive roads of our minds.

4; To give the power to face the truth and create sincerity in the personality.

5; the White color of candles is the symbol of inner peace and a spiritual guide.

6; The white color of candles keep in the middle of the other candles. Hence, the white color of candle is called the Christ candle. The white color represent the Christ life.

Use of distinct colors of candles;

The distinct colors of candles are used for a different purposes. So, the red color of the candles is the symbol of love and sincerity with a person. So, the red color  of candles are directly associated with blood. Hence, the red color of candles is often used to get the interpretation of the energy.

The green color of the candles represents the high trading session is ended as it starts wih the much price. It is the symbol of getting much money, prosperity, and luck.

The orange color  candle is the symbol of beauty, and attractiveness and creates the inspiration of powerful energy, it is also a known magical color. Hence, the orange color is used for the medication and it can clear the mind and provide new possible ways.

The pink color of the candle is the symbol of friendship, affection, and harmony. The pink color represent  softness and magical spell of life.

The red color candle gives the different look from the other colors of candles. It is the symbol of passion and success in any field of life. It provides the strength to achieve the goals of life.

The blue color of the candle is the symbol of forgiveness and inspiration. So, this color of candle uses to improve the thinking level.

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