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The biggest problem with SEO services in Houston, and how you can fix it?

Have you been working on your site for months but still not getting enough traffic? This can happen when your website is dealing with some SEO problems. Just creating websites and updating content is not enough to get the traffic. You won’t get enough traffic if the site is not deployed correctly. To get good traffic and ranking you have to fix the SEO issues on your website. Check for all the problems on your site and troubleshoot them immediately.

More loading time

The loading time of a website matters a lot to the visitor. If the site is taking lots of time to load, visitors will close it. When the site is low, pages take lots of time to load. As you know, you have lots of competitors on the internet. If your site is slow, visitors will immediately open another website. To improve the number of visitors, you have to work on-site speed. Some users reported that they have a better rank but still not getting potential customers. If the site is ranking on top pages SEO services in Houston but loads slowly; the bounce rate increases. Use Google Page Speed Houston SEO Services hit to check the page performance. To improve the loading speed, make the possible fixes. Check the image size and format on the webpage. Using heavy images will increase loading time. Reduce the image size and use image formats like JPEG 2000. It will reduce the bandwidth used by the images and the page will load immediately. Also check for redirects, javascript, and CSS for loading time.

Duplicate content

Adding duplicate content to a website can cause lots of harm. Duplicate content means your content is either identical or similar to other sites. Plagiarism on your site can affect the ranking of your web pages. Always use high-quality content on your site. Content is the most crucial entity of your site. Adding duplicate content will affect the site negatively. Use good content on the website that can help to improve the ranking. When the content is good, not only visitors but Google can also read it easily. Add content that can provide the required information to the visitor. Some people used spun content to make it unique. But this doesn’t help a lot as the spun content seems meaningless. If you can’t write the content yourself; hire a content writer for your website. Create unique and top-quality content for your website. To remove duplicate content, check it on plagiarism tools. Lots of free and paid tools are available to check plagiarism. Make changes to the content and then add the content on your site. After updating the page, you can use tools like Copyscape to assure that your page is not containing any duplicate content.

Broken images and missing alt texts 

Alternative tags are the HTML attributes of images that tells about the content on the page. These tags are crucial for better SEO services in Houston. In on-page SEO, you have to check all these alt tags correctly. Go to the images and check its alt tag. If the tag is missing or has an improper filename, fix it immediately. Many times the alt tag is carrying the wrong extension and then shows SEO problems. Go to the HTML code and check for the image source. Fix the alt tag and now optimize the image. 

Outdated data on your site

Your website needs to be updated regularly. If you provide any services or have an online store; it needs to be updated on time. Old content can reduce the site authority which can lower the rankings. People barely read old content on the web pages. Search engines will filter out the pages if the site’s data is outdated. If you want traffic, add new content and trending keywords. Adding trending keywords will draw good traffic to the site. But don’t try to stuff the keyword on the pages. Write relevant and updated content for your website. Search engines will crawl the pages and provide a good ranking depending on the used keywords. Also, updating the site regularly helps the visitors to know about new deals or SEO Expert Here in Houston on your site.

The site is not optimized for mobile

People prefer internet surfing on mobile devices. Indeed, using PCs and laptops for surfing the net provides a good experience but you can’t always carry them. Most people carry their phones 24/7 with them. Your pages should be mobile-friendly SEO services in Houston so that people can get a better viewing experience. If the pages are not optimized for mobile devices; your bounce rate will increase a lot. Now Google is also considering a mobile-first approach for ranking on SERP. Your site will get a better ranking only when it is fully mobile-friendly.

Some other factors that can affect Houston SEO Company are broken links, non-indexed pages, improper meta and title tags, lack of location-specific pages, poor reviews, etc. You have to fix all these things for better optimization of your website. 

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