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The Best Bed Frame and Height For Your Child: A Comprehensive Guide

What factors should you consider when choosing a bed frame for your child?

You must consider the size of your child. Compared to an adult’s bed, a child’s bed will face more stress. Kids often play and run around on their beds. Therefore, you should consider the height of the bed, which should not exceed fifty inches. A bed that features rollout mattresses and storage space will be great for your child’s room. The age of your child is an important factor when selecting a bed. It should be the best bed height for a toddler that your child can climb into easily and safely. Depending on the age, you may want to select a mid or high bed that is high enough to be safe. The size of the room your child shares will influence the kind of furniture you select. A small room doesn’t need a huge bed. 

The best height for your child’s bed

A toddler bed is smaller than a full-size bed. Its mattress is approximately 28 inches (0.71 m) wide and 52 inches (1.32 m) long. A toddler bed with side rails is a good choice for older children, but it’s important to remember that it’s not always a good idea to move a child to the top bunk of a bunk bed. Children shouldn’t be moving up to the top bunk until they’re at least six years old. A bed should fit the child and the parents’ bedroom’s height. If you can’t afford to get one with side rails, choose a lower-height version.

Which bed frame is the best for your child?

Before purchasing a bed, you should measure your child’s height, both standing and sitting, so you can decide what size bed you need. Most child beds come with a guardrail, and if your child can climb, you can buy a bed that will accommodate this. Additionally, a toddler bed should have guardrails that rise at least 5 inches (0.13 m) above the mattress. Whether your child will be sleeping on his or her bed for years, you can select between two styles of toddler beds. These toddler beds are both safe and stylish. Select one with a classic design and a modern twist. You can select from a bed in the colors of your child’s room. You can even find a bed that has a headboard that looks like a ladder. 

Bed frames and safety

While you might be tempted to spend more money on a metal bed frame, it’s really no more dangerous than a wooden one. It’s possible to find a frame made from a cheap material, such as fiberboard or plywood, but these are not as sturdy as a solid wood frame. Choose a bed frame made from sustainable timber from responsible sources. 


The best bed height for your child will depend on the child’s height. Taller children typically prefer higher beds, while shorter children will be more comfortable with lower ones. There are many different bed frame heights available, from low-lying platforms to high-lying ones.

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