Table Runners – What You Need To Know Before Using Them for the First Time

You can set tables in many different ways. If the tabletop is naturally attractive, you may like to highlight it by not hiding it under a tablecloth. However, if you are worried about the crockery and cutlery scratching the surface, or the food and drink spilling and staining it, you can think of using table runners. Runners are pieces of fabric, much narrower than tablecloths, running across the length or breadth of the table. Like tablecloths, you can use table runners to create a theme and highlight the ambiance to make the décor attractive and welcoming.

Where Can You Use Runners?

Even though the most common use of table runners is on dining tables, more and more people are turning to this highly attractive but simple article to highlight various surfaces at home or elsewhere. You can use runners to decorate virtually any furniture like side tables, coffee tables, mantelpieces, dressers, and even pianos. Restaurant and event managers often use custom-printed runners to add an exclusive element to the table presentation.

How to Use Runners?

There are no hard and fast rules for setting them on different surfaces. You can experiment and find out what works the best in a particular situation. Some of the factors influencing your decision can be the size of the table, the décor of the room, the profile of the guests, the quality of the tabletop, and the layout. You should endeavor to present a cohesive look with all the elements going well together. You should refrain from using colors, materials, and sizes that do not match the table, the occasion, or the interior décor.

What Are the Benefits of Using Runners? 

The foremost benefit of using runners on your tables or other furniture is that it adds colors, texture, appeal, and, above all, a sense of style that emanates from your personality and sense of aesthetics. While runners show your guests what kind of person you are, on a more functional level, they protect the table’s surface from food and beverage spills that can stain or damage it. A table runner also insulates the table from hot pans and melting candle wax.

How to Place the Runner on the Table

Conventionally, people place the runner in the center of the table directly or on a tablecloth to accentuate the looks. However, you can also lay the runner across the table’s breadth. You will then need to use more runners depending on the length of the table and the number of people sitting. While the arrangement will connect people sitting on opposite sides of the table, the runner will also serve as placemats. If the table is round or square, placing two runners across each other provides an interesting look. According to Designing Idea, the width of a runner laid across the table lengthwise should not be more than a third of the table.


Using runners on tables is an easy way of making your interiors interesting. You can buy runners made from a variety of materials, natural and synthetic, each with a distinctive appearance. The way you place the runners is important in achieving a classy look.

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