Make Your Eid Sweet With These Traditional Desserts

Eid-ul-fitr is also known as ‘Meethi Eid’, hence we’re here to share some delicious and toothsome dessert recipes to make your Eid a little sweeter. It is the most auspicious occasion for Muslims all over the globe. We celebrate it with pride, modesty and pure faith in our hearts. It is celebrated on the first day in the month of Shawwal, bringing all Muslims together and read out their prayers. Moreover, we sit together for the festive spread and indulge ourselves in the divine savories and sweetmeats with our loved ones.

From biryani and tikka to kebab and Haleem, we enjoy the flavors of our traditional food this day with love and some Eidi. Hence, the wholesome dishes are the reasons we call it ‘Meethi Eid’. Owing to the pandemic, this Eid is a whole lot different than the Eid we are use to celebrate as a Muslim Ummah. We need to maintain our necessary distance and stay isolated as much as possible. Moreover, we need to switch for the online facilities that makes us contactless from the outer world.

Travelling for Eid has been different on a whole new level this Ramadan. Some of us opted for grocery shopping while others opted for precautions in order to head out to grab the necessary things this Eid. Obviously for Eid, we need to stock up for groceries, savories and other eatable items to make it memorable with our loved ones. Hence, one of the safest and reliable way to shop for groceries is to switch to online grocery store instead of traditional retail stores and supermarket.

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However, let’s share some sweet and delicious dessert recipes with you that are mentioned below:

Sheer Khurma:

Sheer khurma is also known as sweet vermicelli, prepared with lavishness on Eid’s first day. It is a mouthwatering milk pudding made with simple ingredients that includes milk, vermicelli, date and chunks of nuts. The consistency of milk varies in Sheer khurma, denser in some and watery consistency in others. It is usually enjoyed first thing in the morning after Eid prayer.

Shahi Tukra:

They are a famous sweet dish that are fried pieces of bread dipped in condensed milk and dry fruits. They are also infused with the scenting garnishing of cardamom to give it an impeccable aroma and taste. They are also a divine sweet affair you can enjoy this Eid with your loved ones.


It is one of the most common traditional Pakistani dessert that is prepared in almost every function, from meet and greet to normal sweet craving days. It is typically milk thickened with rice flour, infused with the flavor of cardamon, saffron and rose water. Moreover, the dish is garnished with dry fruits and nuts for flavor and beautiful presentation. For Eid, people love to savor Kheer with their loved ones and is popularly served in a clay vessel to keep the temperature cool.

Kulfa falooda:

Cold sweet dishes are another loved sweet dessert in which Kulfa falooda are the best. They are a necessity in summers, serving a cooling effect and a moment of freshness. It is a dense creamy, nutty dessert that can be prepared at home with simple ingredients as well. It is an easy dish that is prepared from basic ingredients like milk and nuts. Moreover, different flavors can be infused such as mango, peach, banana and chocolate.

Since Eid is all about savoring these meethi meethi dishes with our loved ones, we hope we enjoy this auspicious day with care. Buy all of these Product From and make your Eid more exciting.

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