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A large stock of girls clothes is available at local and online stores. In Pakistan, most women prefer buying unstitched fabric and getting them ready according to their preference. From jewelry to shoes and bags to clothes, you can get a variety for women at PakistanCreates.

Summer Wear


Lawn is an everyday wear fabric for ladies across Pakistan to endure the high temperature of summer. The sun heat combined with load shedding makes it difficult to feel comfortable in Pakistan. It is essential to keep the body cool in this extreme weather. The lawn is a highly appropriate lightweight fabric for these hot days.

The lawn is made from fine cotton yarn as it is airy and breathable. This fabric tends to get a beautiful shade from a dye. It was named handkerchief linen internationally when it first came due to its plain weave fabric. Textile mills and brands launch a complete volume of lawn each year. They are the favorite wear of women on Eid, get-togethers, dinner parties, and office hours.

Lawn fabric is available with beautiful vibrant prints and different designs.

Winter Wear

Winters are harsh in some parts of Pakistan and less intense in some other regions. Pakistan is a warm country with long summers. Many people love winters because they have a short duration, so they enjoy this season. The fabrics worn during this season in Pakistan include:

women bags


Khaddar is a popular fabric for girls clothes in winter. It is highly preferable for casual ensembles and is slightly thicker than linen for wearing during more intensive weather. Printed khaddar suits for women are available in large numbers all across Pakistan.


Linen is a warm fabric for use in winters. People wear it during the early days when the cold is not intense. It is suitable for casual or daily wear in Pakistan.


Jacquard is a warm fabric used to create semi-formal and casual dresses. It is similar to khaddar and has many uses in Pakistan.


Cold days of winter require warm clothes. Cardigans, shrugs, gloves, and sweaters are made from wool to bear these temperatures. They are used to make warm shawls for keeping warm against cold weather.


Pashmina is soft wool mostly from the lands of Kashmir. This wool is purposeful for hand-woven and hand-embroidered shawls. It is also suitable for crafting three-piece suits for semi-formal and formal wear in winter.


Marina fabric has a similar appearance to linen. However, it is slightly thicker with ease of dyeing, printing, or enduring heavy embroidery. These characteristics make it a favorite amongst men and women in Pakistan. It is appropriate for both fancy and semi-formal wear in Pakistan.


Velvet is a warm fabric worn in the winter for an elegant and beautiful appearance. They make as fancy wear during weddings or other get-togethers.

Types of Accessories

Accessories are all those items worn as an extra fashion on the body. They are not necessary for wearing because things can work out without them.


Women carry bags on critical events and casual outings as well. Bags in various materials serve different purposes like durability, elegance, and longevity.

Many types of bags are available in the market:

Tote Bags

A tote bag is a large and unfastened bag with parallel handles on either side of its pouch. These bags are appropriate for women and during shopping as well. It is available in materials such as canvas, jute, nylon, and numerous others.

Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are popular among younger girls for fashion and safety. Girls in their twenties and teens like to have these bags to match with outfits. These bags for girls are available in soft, loose, and sturdy materials.

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags have gained in Pakistani culture over the past few years.


Hand purses are a great choice to match formal attire or any party. These are great choices to keep the money.


Gold Jewelry

Women of Pakistan love to wear gold jewelry more than anything in Pakistan. Girls get this jewelry at marriage from their parents and their new relatives. There are countless gold jewelry stores due to their high popularity among the ladies of Pakistan.

Diamond Jewelry

Diamond is cheaper than gold. Ladies who wish to wear modern and minimal style jewelry buy it. Simple and minimal diamond jewelry is more popular amongst women.

Artificial Jewelry

Artificial jewelry is a preference of younger girls in Pakistan. Young girls love to wear rings and jewelry. Many companies manufacture jewelry for sale all over Pakistan. It is available in various styles like Indian, minimal, and modern.

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