5 Amazing Sexual Function Health Facts All Men Should Know

30-Second Summary 


  • Many men experience sexual problems and dysfunction, but they suffer in silence.

  • Sexual health problems include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, and infertility.

  • Health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and injuries affect sexual health.

  • Treat mental health issues like anxiety and depression first before treating sexual problems. Fearing mental health medications only makes the situation worse.

  • It’s normal to experience reduced sexual ability as age increases, but men must seek help if the problems get serious.

  • Sexual dysfunction may be a sign of serious health problems like hypertension, so seek medical advice if you are affected.

5 Sexual Health Facts All Men Should Be Aware Of 

In life, men may experience sexual dysfunction issues. Among the sex-related men’s health problem are delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low libido, low testosterone, and Peyronie’s disease. 

These problems may result from diabetes, aging, thyroid imbalances, vascular disease, injuries, surgery, and hypertension. Psychological conditions like depression, stress, inadequate sleep, and anxiety may also affect men. 

Here are 5 facts all men should be aware of about male sexual problems and dysfunction.


  1. Male sexual health issues may be a sign of cardiovascular or serious medical problems.

Men who suffer from persistent issues like low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and regular premature ejaculation should consult a medical doctor. This is because men’s health issues may be due to other underlying untreated problems. 

For instance, erectile dysfunction and low libido may be due to diabetes or hypertension. Anxiety, depression, and stress may cause premature ejaculation and low sexual desire. Low libido and low-quality erections may signal hormonal imbalances. 

Some medications and injuries may cause premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunctions. So, discuss any issues you have with your doctor so that you get treatment before it’s too late.

  1. It’s normal to experience some sexual health problems as you age.

Studies show that testosterone levels decline by 1% after age 30. Testosterone hormone determines sexual functions. As a result, the male sexual drive reduces gradually, accompanied by declined erections and sexual performance. 

You may need longer enjoy foreplay and more direct stimulation to get in the mood for sex. However, that doesn’t mean you should accept sexual dysfunction as it is. Talk to your doctor and seek sex therapy for you to understand what’s normal or otherwise. Your doctor will determine whether the changes you have are due to another serious health problem, and he will advise you accordingly. He will guide you on a healthy lifestyle to maintain better sexual health.

  1. Mental health is strongly linked to sexual function issues.

Studies relate different sexual malfunctions with anxiety, depression, stress, and other psychosocial issues. When you get depressed or stressed, you may develop erectile dysfunction and low libido. Performance anxiety leads to premature ejaculation. Psychological issues may even lead to loss of an erection in the middle of the sexual activity. Fortunately, you can try meditation, exercise, yoga, counseling, or sex therapy to manage depression or anxiety. 

Ensure you live healthy through proper diet, sleep, exercise, and mindfulness. With time, you will improve your sexual functions and reverse most, if not all sexual disorders.

  1. Medications for mental illness may not affect your sexual function.

There is a popular belief that taking medications for mental illnesses causes sexual function problems. On the contrary, reliable data shows that taking medications for mental illnesses may improve male sex function.

Even curing an underlying mental illness is enough to boost and reverse any sexual health problems you may have. So, when faced with mental illnesses, don’t avoid the medications since you are most likely to come out of it with better sex function.

Studies show that about 70% of men taking mental health medication never get any sexual health side effects. But, one Dr. Parish advises that you work with your doctor if you develop sexual disorders after taking mental wellness medications. Otherwise, the rule is that you treat the mental issues first. 

Then, treat any sex function problem due to mental health medication. Failure to treat the mental disorder will eventually affect your sex function.

  1. Improving overall health can improve sexual performance.

The human body functions are interrelated. When one part is not functioning well, it affects other body parts. Whether mental, physical, or psychological, any disorder is detrimental to your sex function. 

Your heart, fitness, hormones, brain, and neurons must work together for better sexual health. That is why leading a healthy lifestyle, working out, eating a proper diet, and taking necessary medication are important to your health. Get treated for any health problem and maintain overall health to achieve better sexual function.

Also, you should avoid the worst foods for men like trans fats, fatty dairy products, highly processed meats, and soy products. Plus, some vegetables contain pesticide chemicals that act as xenoestrogens. 

Apparently, some of the worst foods for men affect testosterone levels, erections, sperm count, and concentration. For instance, a study report in the Society for Endocrinology said eating soy in excess may negatively affect testosterone levels. Similarly, a 2011 Spanish study found overconsumption of trans fats led to a decline in sperm counts.

Otherwise, if sex problems and dysfunction continue after you try natural remedies, you can try natural supplements. For instance, one Maasalong review says that the supplement might help deal with sexual problems and dysfunction. This product uses natural ingredients with no side effects.

The Bottom Line

It’s unfortunate to experience sexual health problems. But, it’s good to know that it affects many men especially as they age. Men may develop erectile dysfunction, low libido, Peyronie’s disease, premature and delayed ejaculation, plus infertility, among others. Fortunately, doctors and lifestyle changes help reverse most sexual health problems and dysfunction. 

Men should be aware that increasing age, mental health, and overall health conditions affect sexual functions. Still, you should know that treatments for mental health are generally necessary for their sexual health, contrary to popular myths. Understand that sexual dysfunction may be a symptom of serious health problems like cardiovascular disease, among others.

Seek medical advice you experience sexual health issues. But, when lifestyle and other solutions fail, you can look for natural supplements to alleviate the problem. A Maasalong review says that the Maasalong natural sexual health supplement may help men regain their sexual vitality and performance. It may help you achieve harder erections, last longer during sex, and experience explosive orgasms.

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