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Serverwala Review: Why Choose this Leading VPS Hosting Provider in Canada?


Is your website performing at a slow speed? Have your website started acquiring a good volume of traffic? Does your website require better data security? Is your online business struggling with your website downtime? If you find yourself in any of such situations and are hosting your website on a shared server. It is an alarm for you to upgrade your existing web hosting plan. Host your website to a reliable and better VPS with a renowned web host. This is especially recommended if your website does not demand dedicated server hosting.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best VPS Canada provided by a renowned and trustworthy data center worldwide. Serverwala Data Center is highly known to provide blazing-fast VPS Hosting Canada services at the cheapest pricing. Before we tell you more about the Serverwala VPS hosting services and facilities. Let us highlight the functioning and types of the ideal VPS hosting. Get started by diving right away into the sections below!

Brief of VPS Hosting

A VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting functions on the principle of virtualization technology. A single physical server is partitioned into various virtual server environments that act as virtual servers in this technology. Although you host your website on a physical server shared among numerous other users.

However, you get the opportunity to provide a private and independent hosting platform for your website. This also implies that the websites hosted on the different virtual private servers under the same physical server remain isolated from each other. The concerns of traffic volume and data security of other websites do not have any impact on your website.

Unlike shared server hosting, your website does not have to share the IP address. You are also allotted dedicated resources with other websites residing on the same physical server as you. The VPS hosting Canada enables your website to have dedicated resources. It also possesses a unique IP address, as any website obtains with dedicated server hosting. It acts as a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Due to the shared physical server, the cost of Canadian VPS Hosting plans is much cheaper than dedicated server hosting. And at the same time, you can attain many benefits and privileges of the dedicated environment for your website. Some of them are –

  • High availability of dedicated resources and the ability to scale them as and when needed.
  • Right to customize and run your virtual private server as your website demands.
  • Maximum uptime and better SEO ranking for your website.
  • More control over your virtual private server and its configuration.

Types of VPS Hosting: Managed and Unmanaged

VPS Canada

The best VPS Canada is broadly categorized on two bases based on the type of web hosting service. The following are the two types of VPS Hosting –

Managed VPS Hosting Canada

In the managed VPS Server Canada, your web host takes the responsibility of administering the server. It also takes the responsibility of managing your virtual private server. Everything related to your server, from its configuration, functioning, and security. Your web host handled the Managed VPS Hosting in which you get enough time to put your focus on growing your website. The managed hosting service with VPS is your choice. If you do not possess enough expertise to manage and run your VPS or lack time to do so.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting Canada

In the unmanaged VPS Server Canada, you take complete responsibility for administering the server. You also take the responsibility of managing your virtual private server. It gives you authority to handle everything related to your server, from its configuration, functioning, and security. The unmanaged hosting service with VPS is your choice if you or your team possess enough expertise to operate as well as manage the VPS and wish to take full control of it.

Advantages of Serverwala VPS Hosting Canada

It is counted as among the top-notch and most-influential corporations all over the globe. It offers an extensive range of VPS hosting Canada plans and packages. They are present at the cheapest rates to accommodate different kinds of web businesses. Further, you acquire numerous advantages with Serverwala’s best VPS Canada hosting. Some of which are –

  • Your website gets access to unlimited bandwidth, and the highest network connectivity. Your website also gets secure channels.
  • You can acquire the root control of your virtual private server.
  • Serverwala provides robust and efficient SSD (Solid-State Drive) for data storage. To enable your website to have the fastest web page loading speed. 
  • Your website also receives security-as-a-service via standard as well as advanced security measures. 
  • Serverwala’s VPS Canada ensures redundant power and high-tech network flexibility. It also ensures a 99.90% uptime guarantee. 

Serverwala VPS Hosting Plan

cheap vps canada


Upgrading to Serverwala’s SSD VPS in Canada will enable your website to deliver seamless end-user performance. It also possesses without interruption while maintaining high-level data security. The data center also lets you pick between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting Canada.

Moreover, you get 24/7 excellent technical support through highly proficient experts and highly-skilled specialists with your VPS Hosting plan. Serverwala lets you connect with them over different communication modes including Whatsapp, Skype, Email, Phone Calls, Live Chat, etc.

Further, you can reach out to the data center’s round-the-clock customer service support or official site to gather more details about the best web hosting solutions for your website. 


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