How are the Schools of Gujarat?

Gujarat is one of the most progressive and prosperous states of India has schools of Gujarat. The credit largely goes to its industrious and hardworking people who are admired not just in India, but also around the world for their entrepreneurial abilities. It is not for nothing that some of the biggest Indian industrialists hail from that state.

It is but natural that people like this would want nothing, but the best education for their children. This is reflected in a large number of schools in Gujarat. Be it a pre-primary school or a high school, you can be sure that the people of Gujarat will leave no stone unturned in giving their youngsters the best education they can possibly get.

Let’s check out some of the leading schools in Gujarat.

  1. Global Indian International School

Part of the internationally renowned international chain of schools, GIIS Ahmedabad offers globally top-ranked curricula like the Global Montessori program, and the Indian CBSE. Its educational and sports infrastructure is world-class and helps make global citizens out of its students.

2. Olive Green International School

This Ahmedabad-based co-educational day school is known for its stellar educational ambiance combining with the best of international pedagogy while retaining its local Indian essence.It is not surprising that it is a much sought-after school.

3. Ahmedabad International School

This school is a unique international school in that it follows three curricula- the Cambridge International Examination(CIE), the International Baccalaureate program, and the Gujarat Board. It also provides free education to underprivileged adolescents.

4. GEMS International School

This Ahmedabad school is renowned for its international level education provided in an environment-friendly atmosphere. It is known for its plush facilities and infrastructure including air-conditioned classrooms and busses as well as a swimming pool, tennis court, and so on. It follows the ICSE curriculum and also offers the option of earning an IB diploma to its students.

5. SGVP International School

This school is in tune with the present times, its curriculum is not confined to just textbooks. This is reflected in their impressive IT and multimedia center as well as their individual-centric teaching methodology that encourages everybody to participate in group discussions, brainstorming, and debates.

6. JG International School 

The school has exquisite grounds with a lot of open space and a play region for open-air exercises. JG International has intertwined innovation into the framework to give quality instruction. In addition, it doesn’t offer the CBSE educational program.

You ought to do your exploration about the various schools around there and pick the one that best suits the objectives you have for kids.

7. R.P. Vasani International School 

Based on the upsides of polished methodology, the obligation to greatness, and administration direction, R.P. Vasani International School is an English medium school run by the R.P. Vasani Foundation Trust. The establishment offers best in class framework and a helpful school climate, with a rambling games ground and different extracurricular and co-curricular exercises. The school has faith in giving customized regard for each youngster, in this way selecting an understudy situated training approach. A portion of its different offices incorporates a PC lab, science and maths labs, a well-resourced library, and climate cordial grounds.

8. Mahatma Gandhi International School 

Perceived as the first approved IB school in Ahmedabad, MGIS is partnered with the University of Cambridge International Examinations, the Mission Laique Francaise, and Edexcel. The school comprises a sizable extent of ostracized understudies and follows the IB Diploma Program for higher-auxiliary understudies. It is positioned as one of India’s best 20 schools and offers understudies a helpful learning climate.


Thus you can see that Gujarat is not just a state that gives birth to top-notch business people, it is also an emerging center of world-class education for its young people. Its slew of international and other kinds of schools bear ample testimony to the fact.

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