Say No To Aggregator Platforms! Launch Your Restaurant Delivery App And Build Your Empire

Hi! Do you own a restaurant and feel the impulse to develop software to handle all the orders? This blog will settle your impulse by educating you about the ins and outs of restaurant delivery app development.

Why should you stick with developing your restaurant delivery app?

Nowadays, restaurants have partnerships with food delivery platforms so that they get quick visibility among users. Agreeing to the fact that partnering with food delivery platforms will give exposure to a wide range of audiences, there are multiple things you will miss out on. Here, let us look at the downsides of partnering with food delivery platforms.

  • Firstly, the food delivery platforms charge lavish commission fees. For example, let us examine the commission charges of popular food delivery platforms. UberEats imposes 25-30%, Grubhub imposes 5-15% and DoorDash imposes 10-25% on every order. So, when you partner with a food delivery platform, you are losing a major part of your revenue through commissions.
  • Next, we must analyze the delivery services. The food delivery platforms will have a specific range for delivering the orders. So, you might miss out on some of your target audiences. Whereas, if you own your delivery platform, you can set your range and serve your target audiences.
  • Also, not to leave the delays in delivering the orders. As the delivery platforms will be crowded with multiple deliveries, there will be some delay in delivering the orders, as the delivery persons may be busy with handling other deliveries. So, this may be a hindrance to your business. So, it is best to have your own food delivery app and delivery agents so that you can deliver the orders on time.

Restaurant delivery app development

You would have realized the need to have a food delivery app for your restaurant. So, let us narrow it down to the restaurant delivery app development. The popular choice among entrepreneurs is the clone solution. With this clone solution, you can launch your app within a week or before that based on the customizations. Yes, the clone apps are available in a ready-made form, and entrepreneurs like you can infuse the needed personalizations. On the whole, the main advantage is that you can quickly launch your app and start marketing.

Popular features of the restaurant delivery app

Registration and social media sign up

The registration phase must be simple so that users can quickly do the registration and login. Next, the app should also have the social media sign up facility so that users can just link the app with their social media handles in a flash.


In order to locate the restaurants present in the user’s location, a GPS is needed. The app will directly access the location and show the list of restaurants. Also, users can manually enter their location and look for restaurants.

Order tracker

This is again a staple feature that will allow users to know the updated status of their orders, including the location of the delivery person.


Users can place the orders beforehand through the pre-booking or scheduling feature. As convenience is the priority of users, the scheduling feature should be in your app.


Online ordering paired up with different payment modes will be convenient for users. You can go for some of the popular payment options like Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, credit cards, debit cards, and COD.

Order history

It is good to have an order history feature that helps users to have a check over their previously placed orders.


There are users who will repeatedly order their favourites. For them, the reordering feature will be a savior. They can just visit the order history page, view the previous orders, select any of them and click reorder.

Menu management

You can zero in the process of managing your menu using this feature. Add the menu of the day and keep updating them as they go out of stock. You can perform all these functions within a few taps and swipes.

Service history

You must be aware of the number of orders served to the users. So, the service history feature will contain the list of orders along with the user’s name, delivery person’s name, payment status, and other details.

How come the cost of your restaurant delivery app will be determined?

Estimating the cost of app development circles over different metrics. They are features, platform type, country of the developer, the tech stack employed, etc. For example, to integrate different payment options, you will need to incorporate APIs into the app. So, the overall cost of the app will depend on the level of complexity.


In today’s time, every online business faces heavy competition. So, you must focus on the unique selling points, which include speedy delivery, offers, loyalty points, no minimum order, etc. All the best!

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