Retail Display Tables Offer Versatility, Utility, and Charm

If you are looking for ways to display merchandise in your store, don’t overlook one of the oldest and time-tested displays available- retail display tables. Not only are tables incredibly pragmatic and versatile, but they can be used to display a wide range of merchandise while also providing an excellent platform for adding store décor and decorations as well as brand-building graphics.

Tables don’t have to be boring. Combined with other display elements, they can be eye-catching. Just take a look at the display table we made for Maidenform below. It started with a simple black table with a glossy black painted finish and decorative legs. It eventually became a focal point of the store entrance. We added a 3-tier women’s undergarment display on top as well as a companion graphic to capture shopper attention.

Retail Display Tables Offer

Maidenform also asked us to make nesting tables. Nesting tables are very popular at retail and typically come in sets of 2 or 3 tables of varying heights. The white tables shown below were simple in structure but had decorative legs to offer a hint of style. One of the benefits of these tables is they are very shoppable. You can see how easy it is for a shopper to quickly view a full assortment of product while also being able to touch and feel the products.

Retail Display Tables Offer

Another example of nesting tables is shown below. This is a set that includes 2 nesting tables and a table riser on top. The tables have removable metal tube legs and a rustic barn laminate top. The multi-level tiers create a cascading effect which makes the product arrangement more visually interesting.

Retail Display Tables Offer

Nesting tables can be made of a wide range of materials, including metal and wood legs as well as MDF, plywood, solid surface, wood planks, and other materials. Eco-friendly options are also available like the solid bamboo nesting tables shown below.

Retail Display Tables Offer

Not only are these tables solid bamboo, but they look great when merchandised as shown is the Long Beach State college book store below.

Retail Display Tables Offer

In addition to the decorative legs shown in some of the examples we have shared, there are an endless number of table leg styles to consider from basic ones as shown below to more elaborate designer styles that tend to be considerably more expensive.

Tables can also include a category known as display risers. These generally are smaller and lower merchandising platforms which are sometimes used on a stand-alone basis and sometimes used on top of tables. The Eagle Creek set shown below is one example.

Retail Display Tables Offer

Tiered tables are also popular in retail stores. We made the table below also for Maidenform stores. The table featured MDF construction with a high-gloss white painted finish and clear acrylic fencing to keep the product from falling off.

Retail Display Tables Offer

Larger stand-alone tables are popular in a lot of retail stores, particularly those with more space. The Cinch table below is an example of a very practical, high-capacity merchandising table. It includes wheels so it can easily be moved around. It is constructed of wood with metal legs. The top surface serves as an attractive merchandising platform while the 2 lower shelves are ideal for holding back stock. We designed a table riser to hold caps and a double sign holder to help promote the Cinch brand.

Retail Display Tables Offer

We build a lot of merchandising tables and platforms for Vuori that show how a simple, minimalistic approach can be highly effective. The picture below shows a merchandising table that has a metal frame and a simple birch plywood top. In the bottom part of the picture, you can see an all-wood merchandising table, which again features a very simple design. At the very bottom part of the picture, you can see a wood platform that also serves as a table and can nicely fit under the larger table to help reduce shipping costs.


Retail merchandising tables are one of the most popular types of display fixtures for a good reason: They work. They work for a wide range of products, in a wide variety or retail settings, and for almost every budget.

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