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QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013 explained with fixes

QuickBooks has become the first choice of businesses for accounting & evaluating their business performance. It has performed exceptionally well in executing finance-related tasks for its users. Users can access the business data and related statistics with a tablet, phone, or computer. Despite everything, this software can sometimes behave abnormally while performing its tasks. Errors in any software are random and cannot be predicted, but there are methods to counter them. QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013 is also one of the errors that occur while accessing the bank feeds. If you are stuck with this error in your QuickBooks, this blog has everything you need to get out of this situation.

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About the Error

QuickBooks is dependent on online banking for transactions which means it has to be constantly connected to bank servers. This error occurs when there is an interference in this connection either on your QuickBooks or at the bank’s end. Whenever you try to access your bank feeds in QuickBooks, you’ll see error codes on your screen.

Causes of this Error

Many uncertain reasons could cause this error to occur. We have put together some of them here-

  • There’s a problem at your bank’s end
  • Poor Internet connection
  • QuickBooks does not support the file format of the bank file
  • Outdated version of QuickBooks or the browser


You don’t need to worry about all of this because we have also mentioned precise methods that can help you eliminate the error. But it is advised you backup your data before moving forward-

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Solution 1- Check the compatibility of the file sent by the bank

QuickBooks only supports files with .QBO extensions. If the bank file is in any other format, then QuickBooks won’t be able to process that. Try to download the Bank transactions file directly from the bank’s website. Refer to the steps below-

  1. Open your bank’s official website in a browser
  2. Fill in your credentials and sign in to your bank account.
  3. Download your bank transactions in .QBO file format
  4. Try importing this file to QuickBooks.

If you can open this file in QuickBooks, the issue is terminated; otherwise, go for the next solution.

Solution 2- Enable TLS 1.2 on your browser

To protect your data from unauthorized users and other threats, browsers use a TLS 1.2 protocol to connect to a bank and conduct transactions. Steps to enable it in google chrome are mentioned below-

  1. Open Google Chrome on your computer.
  2. Hold Alt + F on your keyboard, then select Settings.
  3. Navigate down and click Show advanced settings.
  4. Go to the Network section and click on Change proxy settings.
  5. Click on
  6. Go down to the Security tab and check the option box for Use TLS 1.1 and Use TLS 1.2. manually.
  7. Tap on

If this didn’t help remove the error, move to the next solution.

Solution 3- Check the quality of your internet connection

A bad or slow internet connection can also hinder the connection between you and your bank, which may cause this error. To be sure about your Internet, run a speed test on google and match the standards with the requirements of QuickBooks. It generally recommends an Average speed of 3 Mbps and a minimum of 1.5 Mbps.

Try contacting experts on the issue at 855-856-0042.

All the reasons for the occurrence of QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013 were discussed in this blog. You also learned the steps to take if you encounter this issue on your QuickBooks. Again, we have these solutions to help you in tackling the error.





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