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Material Handling Software : Primer

Various kinds of software are used to track the material handling system’s working and activities involved in the whole supply chain management cycle. The basic software solution requirement in this particular domain is necessary as it makes it easier to maintain the record and allows warehouse management, inventory management, transportation management along with workforce management. All this including logistics planning and execution, order management, etc. with sophisticated setup software that not only helps to reduce the workload but ensure the next-level productivity and overall efficacy.

Although there are tons of various sorts of software used accordingly as per need in the material handling industry but some of the most widely used and essential ones are the following:

  1. Warehouse Control Systems (WCS)
  2. Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  3. Workforce Performance Management Systems (WPMS)
  4. Transportation Management Systems
  5. Supply Chain Visibility Systems
  6. Forecasting and Order Management Systems
  7. Yard Management Systems
  8. Automatic Identification and Data Capture Systems

All of the above-mentioned types do follow the basic principles of material handling systems. We will now discuss the specific role and functionality of every sort of software and will try to understand their working too.

Warehouse control systems are the kind of material handling software that is essentially used to gain control over the hybrid and fully automated machines operated under the supply chain cycle, performing a variety of different tasks. They are responsible for dealing with small low-level simple machines along with high-level robotic apparatuses as well.

Warehouse management systems are the kind of material handling software that is meant to control and monitor the working of humans operating the machines, participants as laborers or workers, dealing with time management, calculations regarding attendance of employees, etc. These particular kinds of software are specialized for calculations, record keeping, data storing, and data management of all types.

Workforce performance management software keenly focuses on achieving the set parameters and performance goals in the material handling system environment. It primarily focuses on the worker’s data just like payrolls and stuff to ensure the improvement in productivity by tracking the performance of human resources deployed in the ecosystem.

As the name itself indicates transport management system software is equipped with duties to ensure the timely delivery of the products and monitor all the movements of the units from manufacturing to production to markets to delivery and consumption. Basic responsibilities include fleet management, shipment, shipment charges tracking, etc.

Supply chain visibility software is the kind of software in material handling systems that is responsible for the integration of all the other different software working in the ecosystem. It serves as a data collection center and helps to monitor all the activities altogether. This is essential for the stakeholders and internal partners to keep an eye on or to track the overall working of the system.

Forecasting and Order management systems are to track and monitor consumer data and trends. It helps in analyzing the market trends for the product to be unleashed as well as enables the creation of data that can be used to predict the future trends as per consumer behavior and requirements.

Yard management system software is kind of software that are quite specific and only deals with the transportation coming and going out from the companies warehouse for the delivery. Many could confuse it with the transportation system but it is more of the parking and tracking the trucks that are inside the company’s warehouse.

Automatic Identification and Data Capture systems refer to the kinds of software that are deployed for verification like along with sensors for biometrics verification of the workers etc. It also maintains the records of the employees along with their information and other credential stored inside it.

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