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Manually Updating the Netgear Extender Firmware

Do you face issues with your Netgear extender? If that is the case, you should update the firmware of your extender. There are two methods to update the Netgear extender firmware. In this article, the manual method is discussed openly. Therefore, you should get through the following points to know how to do the manual firmware update.

With that said, here are a few points you should keep in mind while updating the firmware of your Netgear extender. Without any further delay, let’s get going. Keep reading.

Netgear Firmware Manual Update

Download the Latest Firmware Version

First of all, access a web browser and download the latest firmware version. You can do that by typing the extender model name and number in the web browser. After that, a file appears on your computer screen.

Make sure it is compatible with the hardware of your extender as well. When everything seems workable, you should download the file to your local folder.

Save to Local File

While saving the file, you should keep a few things in check. Firstly, the file should be saved from where you can access it. In case the file is large, you should extract and compress the file. To do that, you can use numerous software applications available online.

Compressing the file makes it easier to transfer or move the file on your computer. Save the extracted file on your computer to have the easiest access.

Start Extender

Plugin your Netgear extender to a power source to access the Netgear extender setup page. Having a consistent power supply is equally important. Therefore, choose a perfectly working wall switch. Furthermore, the plug pins should not be loose in the wall outlet.

If that is the case, you should change the wall switch. Make sure the Netgear extender is always turned on during the whole process.

Extender-Router Connection

One of the most important steps is to connect the extender and the router. You can do that by using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly. No matter which medium you choose, the extender should be strongly connected to the router.

The Ethernet cable should be tightly fixed to the router and extender’s ports. Moreover, while connecting them wirelessly, you should place both the devices in another’s range. Otherwise, there won’t be any connection between the two.

Place Extender Ideally

To access mywifiext web address, you need to do the Netgear extender placement. Choose the central location of your house to place the extender. Furthermore, you should be aware of the objects that might hinder the extender’s overall performance.

For instance, place it away from mirrors, metal objects, electrical appliances, and fish tanks. Moreover, you should avoid windows while placing the Netgear extender. If you don’t do that, most of the WiFi signals will move out.

Open Web Browser

Open a web browser on a computer to access the Netgear genie setup wizard. However, while choosing the web browser, make sure you choose an updated version only. Furthermore, it should also be compatible with the operating system of your computer.

You should be very careful while entering the official Netgear extender web address. Do not turn on the Caps Lock keys. Furthermore, make sure you don’t commit any typing errors.

Do Extender Login

When you open the Netgear extender login page, you should type in the extender login details. That is where you should be extremely careful. Moreover, all the login credentials are case-sensitive. Therefore, make sure you don’t make any errors while typing in the data.

Use your default login details to access the Netgear extender dashboard. In case you have personalized the login details, you should enter the updated information.

Browse Firmware Update

Move to the Settings of the Netgear extender and access the Firmware Update option. From there, you need to choose the Browse option and upload the file that you downloaded and extracted to your local computer folder.

Wait for the file to get uploaded on the Netgear extender server. Do not turn off your devices while the file is being uploaded.

Save Settings

If required, you should reboot the Netgear extender. However, it might not be required for the high-end extender models. Make sure you save the settings before rebooting the extender.


As you can see, updating the Netgear firmware update is fairly easy. In case you can’t access mywifiext web page, you should enter the IP address. Updating the firmware is going to update the security patches of your extender. Moreover, it is going to further enhance its overall performance. So, update the Netgear firmware update as soon as you receive the update.

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