Make your home impeccable with this important move-out cleaning checklist!

Congratulations! Your home shifting day is just around the corner, but there is still one thing left to do. Do you know what it is? It is cleaning my friends. If you are thinking of doing this task yourself, then it is not a piece of your cake. Many companies are available here that offer the best move-out cleaning service near you. Just choose the best one and get high-quality cleaning services at pocket-friendly prices.

Read this article till the end carefully, follow this ultimate apartment cleaning checklist and get your rental deposit back in full.

Apartment move-out cleaning checklist

Always work from the top to the bottom when cleaning an apartment. The top to bottom cleaning include, ceiling fans, windows, walls, floors, baseboards, carpet, etc. This lets dust and dirt fall to the floor as you clean, so you do not need to sweep or vacuum many times throughout the day.

  1. Remove Cobwebs from Ceiling

You might have abandoned this step your entire lease, but keep in mind to clean the ceiling before moving out. You can use a broom or vacuum to pull down cobwebs. And if you have a popcorn ceiling, just roll a damp high-nap paint roller over the ceiling to remove dust and cobwebs.

  1. Wash Windows

When you hire professionals for this cleaning task, they always give you the best result.They use high-quality glass cleaner to wash your windows pristinely. They simply spray the solution onto the window and wipe quickly with a cloth to avoid stretches.

  1. Check Lights

You need to check if any lightbulbs have been damaged, and replace them with a new one.Professional cleaners clean your light fixtures and perfectly sanitize light switches.

  1. Check Smoke Detector

You need to check all the devices of your home before moving out.If your smoke detector is beeping, you need to replace the battery. The professional cleaners ensure that all devices throughout your home are working perfectly.

  1. Clean Walls and Baseboards

Professionals use a high-quality brush to remove any dust lingering on your baseboards or trim. They wash the walls using a suitable cleaner for the paint finish if you have stains on your walls.

  1. Clean Carpet

Carpet stains are bound to happen. Cleaners help to eliminate them by applying commercial carpet cleaner. Some common carpet stains need a specific solution for removing, so don’t think to do this task yourself. Always try to choose the professionals who use the right product for your apartment carpet cleaning.

  1. Vacuum and Mop Floors

The most important point is to vacuum and mop floors perfectly before moving out. As dust and chemicals have likely fallen elsewhere, so professionals save this step for last. They clean every corner of your room and make your apartment spotless that helps you get your full deposit back while moving out.

Final Words:

So, do not worry about your deposit. Just hire the best home deep cleaning service near you and shift into a new home easily and comfortably.

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