Luis Felipe Baca Arbulu – How He is Transforming the IT Sector in Barcelona?


The technology industry in Barcelona has gained a lot of attention over the past decade, attracting talent and bringing wide-ranging opportunities from all over the world. However, the market is still expanding, so you’d need game-changing advice and support to understand what’s happening and what’s your best chance to grow.


After the massive success of Barcelona start-ups in 2018, the sphere has shifted from tourism into a business hub focusing on innovation and digitalization, which in turn create new growth and opportunities for all. As the city is already a spot for Europe’s most rewarding start-ups, it is a smart choice to bring a new perspective and way of operation to turn your dreams into reality.

For those looking to enhance their skill set, get on the fast track of growth, or even make an entire career change, the place offers possibilities for advisory and business management covering the core subjects. In fact, Barcelona is considered the second-largest city after Madrid, Spain, and seems like a home for Southern Europe when it comes to new project developments.

Luis Felipe Baca Arbulu – Working in the IT Sector Opens New Doors to Success

As a young entrepreneur, I feel there is always room for improvement when investing in Barcelona’s tech ecosystem. It is essential to find your own model and set realistic expectations to accelerate business growth.

In order to advance my knowledge and gain diverse experience, I met Luis Felipe Baca Arbulu, who is a successful businessman delivering advice on complex financial functions and business management. His fundamental practices and innovation have been witnessed in the IT world. All his actions reflect integrity, understanding, and respect for his positions and organizations, with a constant focus on offering genuine consultation and guidance to many clients.

He has become the backbone of the city’s ecosystem. He motivated me to build lasting relationships between start-ups and innovative corporations. We performed a thorough activities program with a networking session, keynotes, and working groups focused on specific needs. It also helped me to maintain a perfect work-life balance, wherein I can solve challenging cases and create the best version of myself at the same time.

Luis Felipe Baca Arbulu Supports Start-ups and Well-Established Business Alike

He aims to push the city on an international scale by promoting knowledge and connections between all the parties involved, such as entrepreneurs, investors, institutions, and public administration. Unsurprisingly, Barcelona has always been an innovative place, ruling commerce and industries in the Mediterranean area for decades. But the challenge here is to take the lead in the current technological transformation. That’s where I feel Luis Felipe’s consultation has been a lifesaver.

To grow my start-up on a global scale, he advised me to be fully aware of local venture capitalists, the potential of the digital and tech economy. He told me not to skip any networking event, especially ones that help harness the power to connect with start-ups, private capital, and active investors. He helped me to see a clear picture of emerging industries in Barcelona i.e., health, finance, real estate, retail, and of course, tech. His proficiency shines with creative ideas and vision in the IT sector, which makes companies and individuals vital players in the global league.


Working with Luis Felipe Baca Arbulu and receiving quality consultation from him has been a wonderful experience. Despite all the challenges the city and industry hold, he shared his proficiency and experience with better understanding and clarity to help me achieve more global scaleups.

About the Author:

An experienced businessman managing valuable positions and companies, serving consultation and advice on business management. All his background, achievements, and projects showcase his promising journey across industries like finance, real estate, retail, tech, and the corporate world.

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