Looking to Rent a Shooting Range? What You Need to Know About Range Rentals

If you plan to rent a gun range in the greater Nashville area, there are a few things to keep in mind. Not all ranges are the same and some may have special features that make them more attractive to a group. Shooting ranges often have various classes, not just firearms training either. Some range rentals can include event space, whereas other ranges just have shooting lanes and a clubhouse with a front desk and restrooms. Consider your group and your objectives when looking into shooting range rentals. So, let’s look at those topics in more detail before you go shooting in Nashville with a club or a group.

Consider Your Event’s Objectives

A shooting club most likely just wants a safe and legal place to practice their favorite sport. Maybe you need classroom space or just a few lanes in a shooting range. An indoor rifle range might be enough for them. That last requirement makes it easy enough. Be aware that it is unlikely you’ll ever get four or five lanes together unless you coordinate with the range staff well ahead of the event. What if shooting practice or firearms training isn’t the group’s primary purpose?

Think Flexibly About Events

Looking for a very different kind of fundraiser? Consider holding an event at Nashville Armory Ranges. A wide range of community groups, causes, and missions tie in with shooting sports in some way. Do a little brainstorming and see if you can make a connection. If so, reserve time at a Nashville gun range, for some firearms training, for example. Most importantly, think about how much space you need to run your event. You may well need event space and all of the shooting lanes, but maybe not.

Don’t forget that a wide range of shooting-adjacent events might make sense for a range environment. A fundraiser is one option. Gunsmithing is an option. So is hunter safety, the role hunting plays in game management, and so on. When considering whether or if to rent a gun range remember that they offer a range of amenities that may work with your event plan.

Range Rentals Come with Different Amenities

You will find indoor and outdoor range options. A modern, indoor range provides a comfortable and clean environment. You and your group don’t have to worry about the weather. The best indoor ranges also include sophisticated air filtration systems to keep the indoor environment healthy.

Some gun ranges have firearms available for rent. This is a great thing if your group wants to try something new at an indoor rifle range. If you have a group that’s just exploring the possibility of buying a handgun for self-defense, wouldn’t it be great if they could have some available for rent at the shooting range? Want to get a group together and learn some basic gunsmithing? Armory Ranges is one place in the greater Nashville area where this is possible.

Many shooting ranges offer classes in firearms basics and various shooting-related topics. If shooter education is relevant to your group, it would be great to set up a class.

Consider Renting a Shooting Range for Your Next Event

Nashville Armory and the Franklin Range are full-service stops for gun owners with modern indoor shooting ranges, firearms training, classes on a wide range of firearms topics, range rentals for events, and retail stores. Our Nashville Armory location also includes an event space with room for 20 and an LED TV for presentations and videos. Contact us to find out more about range rentals if your group wants to practice shooting in Nashville.

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