Look Beyond The False Rumors To Discover The Real Person – Craig Raucher

Craig Raucher, the name that is always associated with scams and negative rumors has more story to tell! Anyone who is unaware of the persona and caliber of the man would restrict themselves to the rumors. Who does not love reading spicy news about a famous person? The problem is, that nobody looks out for the real-life events that have given birth to the scam and rumors about the person. In this article, try to understand why the person needs more positive attention from your side. Think beyond the restricted mindset, and you will understand why Mr Raucher is more than just an attention-seeking headline content.

The man who never gives up

Anyone who repeatedly faces false allegations against their name would have by now secluded themselves. But Mr Raucher is a go-getter! He is aware of the ill-intentions of the people who circulate the rumors and scam news. Thus, he peacefully ignores them and keeps doing what he does the best! The best example is the basketball league that he proudly supports and takes the responsibility for! The Brooklyn/Staten Island Athletic Basketball League is managed by Craig Raucher, who acts as the active commissioner of the league and team.

  • Brings hope to those who need it – Do you know the uniqueness of the basketball league? Middle-aged men from different fields of life and profession come together for the passion of sports to play basketball on the Staten Island basketball court. This year marks the 42nd year of the league, and Mr Raucher is the one to thank for this exceptional initiative to unite several people with distinct nationalities and religions through their mutual love for basketball!

A man with genius ideas

Not only in sports, but the man has also shaped the future of the logistics business in America. The BBA graduate from Brooklyn College has a curious mind that helped him transform his ideas into reality. He started his career with DHL Airways and made a successful career in the shipping and transportation industry. Currently, he holds a high rank at Express Delivery Systems Inc. and guides many more businesses to flourish with innovative strategies.

The need to know and explore

As a reader, you must always question the source’s credibility from where you are reading an adverse report. The Craig Raucher Scam that spread like wildfire is baseless and cent per cent false! People who are jealous of the professional achievements of Mr Raucher are the ones to blame for such negative publicity. But they are not the only ones to be put under the radar! You, as a reader, also have a responsibility and duty. Whenever you read a report about a famous personality and accomplished person like Mr Craig Raucher, remember to re-verify the source.

Ignore the baseless rumors to stay informed

Haters are going to hate you regardless of what you do! It is the standard and universal answer that Craig quotes everywhere in the media. It is the ultimate way to lead a peaceful life and ignore people with ill intentions in their minds.

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