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The lips need consideration and care because they are constantly exposed to airborne agents and are especially sensitive. It is then possible to tackle everyday issues and the ideal makeup for a beautiful mouth.

It’s common to experience dry and chapped lips the summer and winter months. It doesn’t matter if it’s the weather, the sun or even the makeup by following this easy routine to care for your lips, they will become a thing of the past. It is crucial to take care of your lips to keep them in a healthy and soft state. Here are three methods to get rid of dry lips forever!

Why do my lips feel dry?

They may become dry after being exposed to certain conditions in the environment. Wind and cold can test them and often result in bleeding wounds. Even sunrays can affect their appearance, as can the bizarre habit of making them swollen by continuously going through the process of passing. The usage of unreliable cosmetics shouldn’t be ignored. The consequences of these situations are an aqueous portion as well as the depletion of natural film.


Let’s take a look at the ways we can stop dry lips and how we can maximize our routines for beauty.

1. Apply a moisturizing lipstick When lipsticks are part of the uniform you wear, you need to be aware of the ingredients you’re wearing. Choose lipsticks that are moisturizing with shea oil, butter or oils to stop dry lips because of lipstick. There’s nothing more ugly than lipstick that has cracked your lips … Take a look at our vegan beauty lipsticks and find the perfect companion for your appearance and your lips well-being! TIP: If your favourite lipstick causes dry lips, apply a lip conditioner before applying it. If you’re outdoors and in direct sunlight, you can apply a lip balm with a sunscreen.

2. Sleep with an hydrating lip balm can easily go to bed with an eye mask and why not give it a go with the lip mask? It is possible to purchase the lip mask which will soften them and help them cope with the harsh environment to which they are subjected. You can also apply lip balm prior to you go to bed. The balm is softer and cares for your lips as you rest, so it’s less likely to be bitten or run your tongue across the lip (if you do this, your lips will be dry!)

3. Cleanse your lips in the worst of circumstances, the lips may peel away, causing scaling and cracking. While it is crucial to moisturise your lips affected by these circumstances, it’s equally important to eliminate dead cells. Here are some DIY methods. Vaseline and a toothbrush Apply vaseline, then gently take out dead cells using brush or other similar device. When you’re done, the lips are free of cracks and ready for moisturizing the balm. Sugar scrub: Mix sugar and a bit of oil. In circular motions and gentle massage the mixture using your fingers on the lips. By doing this, you will get rid of dead skin cells and create an enveloping layer to apply the balm.

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