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We as of late had trees cut down and removed from our yard. This is the second time we had trees removed from our present yard and since we have a smart thought of what to expect I figured it would be useful to write a post about it for those of you who are thinking about having trees removed from your yard. I realize this post is a bit far from my normal DIY and home stylistic layout topics, yet it is part of house purchasing and I genuinely want to believe that you may think that it is helpful.

In case it wasn’t already obvious, we could do without to chop down trees in the event that we don’t have to. In fact, we were extremely sad to chop these trees down. We love trees and that is a large part of the reason we became hopelessly enamored with our area. So, know how much does it cost to remove a tree.

There are such countless beautiful, mature trees that line the streets and yards. I talked about it in this post how when you are purchasing a home you ought to pay special attention to trees that are too near the house, which was a main reason these trees came down (and we realized they eventually would when we purchased our home). Of the 5 trees we had chopped down as of late 1 was seriously damaged from a blizzard this past winter and the other 4 were either too near the house and the roots were a gamble to the integrity of our foundation or were causing damage to our rooftop because they loomed over the house. In some cases tree removal is necessary whether it’s for the safety of your home/rooftop or the safety of different trees (for example a tree is diseased), or you just like for the tree to be removed. We plan to replant at least a couple of different trees in our yard in the future once we straighten our landscape plan out.


Make sure you vet the company you are employing. I cannot pressure sufficiently this. A permit and confirmation of insurance are vital when you want somebody to chop any trees down in your yard. We have worked with the same company two times now and they are always extremely fast to show us their permit and evidence of insurance, which is great, however on the off chance that they don’t propose to show it to you ask them to see it. A permit means they ought to know what they are doing and insurance means in the event that something turns out badly you won’t be on the snare for it. This is especially important assuming that a tree in your yard is near your home, your neighbors house, a fence, or any other construction.

2 – GET ESTIMATES (how much does it cost to remove a tree)

Start by asking your neighbors assuming they have had trees removed, who they utilized, and on the off chance that they loved them. This is how we observed the company we utilized. They were cutting our nearby neighbor’s trees down, our neighbor loved them, and we saw firsthand how clean and proficient they were. I suggest getting numerous estimates or offers. Especially, assuming that you have never utilized a tree removal administration. This goes for tree removal, yet any time you are recruiting a contractor now you know how much does it cost to remove a tree.


Do you want the leftover stumps and roots in the ground to be ground down or not? Having a stump ground means they carry a machine to crush the stump and the apparent roots down to wood chips, it will essentially resemble a small heap of mulch in your yard at the end of the day.

In the event that you decide to not have it done they will probably chop the tree down as near the ground as conceivable, leaving the flat stump and roots in place. Whenever the stumps are ground it lets grass, or different plants in the event that you decide, to fill in place of the tree.

We decided not to have the stumps ground how much does it cost to remove a tree 2 years ago, yet when we had the trees chopped down this time around we decided to have all the stumps ground, including the 2 we recently didn’t.

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Contingent upon the size of your trees, how close they are to your home, and assuming they are toward the front or backyard all play into the cost of the removal. Assuming a tree is large, near your home, and in the backyard it will probably be much more costly to have it removed than if the same tree was in the front yard because they would have to have climbers move to the top of the tree to start chopping it down rather than having the option to utilize a careful selector truck to lift somebody to do the cutting.

For all transparency for the removal of our 5 trees, stump crushing of 4 of those trees and 2 additional stumps, and minimal managing of other remaining trees and know how much does it cost to remove a tree$2,350. We live in Kansas City, so I have no idea assuming this is within a ballpark of different cities, yet I figured I would incorporate it to provide you with an idea of the cost. However it is costly, it is something we saved and planned for accordingly. We thought this cost was truly reasonable given that 3 of the trees were exceptionally near the house and 1 of the trees was an extremely large insect tree that for the most part loomed over the rooftop. For reference, we have another extremely large grasshopper tree in our back yard that we didn’t have chopped down this time around. The company we utilized told us that tree alone would cost around $1,500 to remove just because of the size and the fact that it’s in the backyard, meaning they would have to send climbers up the tree – that is compared to the similar measured insect tree in our front yard that we had removed which was around $750 (remembered for the $2,350 above) because they had the option to utilize the truck to lift somebody to do the cutting, which is much speedier and much less dangerous.

Ultimately, clearly mark all trees that are to be removed

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